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Anti Hero

Anti Hero

Anti Hero is among the long-running brands in the skateboarding industry today. They are known for the visually stunning graphics on their skate decks and 'bald eagle' logo. Anti Hero have also become one of the major go-to brands when it comes to the sport for they also offer apparel, headwear and accessories to both groms and long-time skateboarders. In the era of technology and the internet, this is of the brands that continue to promote the DIY culture and true meaning of fun in skateboarding. Get Anti Hero complete skateboards, decks and apparel right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

Anti Hero Skateboard Decks & Apparel UK Store

Anti Hero is a brand recognised for their complete skateboards, decks, clothing and accessories that meet the necessities of every skater. Their visually creative designs on decks are both colourful and vibrant, which equally match the appeal of their apparel and other products.

Currently, the brand is distributed by Deluxe Distribution which is a subsidiary of Emrico. Anti Hero is just one of the six skateboard brands under Deluxe Distribution as it also runs a retail outlet named DLXSF.

The brand's team riders include Grant Taylor, John Cardiel, Jeff Grosso, Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt, Robbie Russo, Raney Beres, Tony Miorana and Brian Anderson, among many others.

They have also released numerous skateboarding videos that feature their team riders and friends. The most prominent are "GRAnti Hero Grant Taylor... Flys with the Eagle!", "Beauty and the Beast" series, and "Destination Unknown".

Revitalising Skateboarding as a Sport and Lifestyle

Like many skateboard brands, Anti Hero was founded in the mid 1990's when the sport was perceived as 'stale' by the founders. It was Julien Stranger who founded the brand in 1995 when he felt that skateboarding was no longer as relevant as before.

Julien wanted to create something that would represent the sport based on how he lived and breathed it - a fun and laid-back lifestyle, but with an energetic spirit. However, it was undoubtedly the beginning of a good business relationship with other skaters and the opportunity to bring back the lustre of skateboarding in the succeeding decades.

One of the Industry's Best Brands

Anti Hero's skate decks and complete boards are the most prominent of their products. Many top pros have ridden them, whether on the streets, parks or tournaments.

Their apparel and accessories range match the basic needs of every skater especially those who love to go out and shred for hours. They are made with quality materials to suit the active lifestyle of riders for all seasons. So, stock up your wardrobe of the latest Anti Hero tees, shorts, hoodies, belts and caps to ensure you're comfortable and in style whenever you shred.

The brand's collaborations are also notable within the skating community. They have worked with other prominent brands such as Girl Skateboards, Supreme, Volcom and Vans.

The 'Bald Eagle' Logo

Having an awesome logo may not always mean you have an excellent brand. But in Anti Hero's case they do have an iconic one that skaters easily recognise and resonate to. It was designed by the company's long-time artist, Todd Francis. The initial logo he designed was the pigeon, but he took it up a notch and created the bald eagle.

The original artwork of the bald eagle got stolen (and subsequently returned) in London.

In the U.S., there are some locations they do not allow skaters unless they are riding Anti Hero skateboards.

If you're the type of skater who truly wants to stand out in the skate parks, Anti Hero complete boards, decks and apparel can help you achieve this goal. But most especially, their products are of superb quality, so you can be sure they will last years of shredding and wearing.

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