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Altamont is an apparel brand that combines and benefits from a diverse group of creative rebels such as skateboarders, artists and musicians. The brand continues to inspire through their unique style and design with the help of their contributors and influencers. The constant search for something different was the beginning of Altamont's existence; after which, made them popular within the skate and fashion industry. For fun and totally unique designs on tops, pants, outerwear and accessories, Altamont should be on top of your list. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Premium Skate Clothing By Altamont Apparel

Altamont apparel is the brainchild of pro skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. The brand is owned and distributed by Sole Technology, a conglomerate specialising in the production and distribution of skate shoes.

In October 2006, Altamont was launched as a concept of Reynolds and his pal Justin Regan. They recruited UK artist Mark Foster (Fos) to be the head designer for the brand. The design aesthetic of Altamont's products is based on the individual styles of skaters and artistic folks - a unique style that is truly their own and looked a bit different from everyone else.

The brand's name was derived from the Altamont Speedway in San Francisco. It became a popular location after the chaotic 1969 Rolling Stone's free concert which claimed four lives. The dreadful event was considered by many as a sign of the end of the Love Generation.

A Diverse Team of Brand Contributors

The contributors on Altamont's list are either inspirational through their existing work (i.e. Jimi Hendrix, RIP) or through direct collaboration with them. Upon reading some of the backgrounds of the brand's contributors, it is understood that inspiration alone is a great and powerful tool in their creative process - whether producing a new design involving the contributor or creating another as inspired by their original existing and/or commissioned works.

They have contributors within the three top industries they cater to and these are not just any individuals, but professionals and experts in their respective fields.

Altamont's creative contributors include the following:

Skate - Andrew Reynolds and Neen Williams

Music - Jimi Hendrix, Abe Vigoda, GWAR, No Age, Fucked Up, Rick Froberg, Tim Kerr, Gang Gang Dance, SFV Acid, Cass McCombs, Zach Hill, Mike Watt, Panda Bear, G.G. Allin, and Sweet Deals

Art - Patrick O'Dell, Boneface, Mandy-Lyn, Ben Jones, Robert Lazzarini, FOS, John Lorenzi, Neck Face, French, Mike Jones + Mikhail Bortnik, Ricky Powell, Mike Jones, Humberto Liechty, Fiberops, Boogie, Off Bowery Productions, (Invinsible: Man), 10.Deep + Scott Sasso, Pinkyvision, Bill Owens, Ralph Steadman, Eriberto Oriol, The Art of Chase, Pushead, Liz Goldwyn, Andres Serrano, Abby Portner, Richard Kern, Suzi Kemp, Alakazam, and Erik Brunetti

Collaborative Projects

Over the years, Altamont has collaborated with numerous individuals and other renowned brands to come up with exciting, original designs. There is diversity in these collaborations which made the products more stylish, unique and apt for the brand's ethos. Below are just a few of them:

• Baker - Baker Herman and Reynolds t-shirts were the pro models created under this collaboration. The Herman t-shirt is a black colorway with screen-printed graphics on the chest and upper back; while the Reynolds tee is white with collaborative logo graphic on the chest area.

• Morning Breath Inc. - Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto of Morning Breath Inc. designed their trademark style for a series of t-shirts for one of Altamont's summer collections.

• Emerica - There were two notable skate shoes created by Emerica and Altamont: the Reynolds Cruisers and Reynolds Vulc Skate Shoes. Each stylish pro model offers superb features and benefits to the rider.

• Sub Pop - A natural pairing of two brands that support and breathe skateboarding, art and music resulted in a fall collection consisting of printed t-shirts, denim jacket, flannel, beanie and a skate deck.

• DVS - This collaborative skate shoe was designed by Kenny Hoyle during his time as a team rider at DVS.

• Erik Brunetti - This collaboration with artist Erik Brunetti was for the brand's 2016 warm weather collection, the SS16 range. It is imbued with Vietnam-era Americana, 1960's counterculture and allusions to Apocalypse Now.

• Mogwai - Altamont collaborated with Mogwai, the legendary Glaswegian post-rock band, to celebrate their twenty year anniversary. Two commemorative t-shirts were created, one with short sleeves and another with long sleeves.

• The Smell - This collaborative project was created for the benefit of downtown LA's music venue, The Smell. The project included limited edition tees which featured the venue's volunteer security personnel Frank and Daniel.

True to the varying styles designed and created through in-house and collaborative efforts, Altamont is all about the unique individual's personal taste in apparel. Whether you love skateboarding, music, art or all of the three, there will always be a design that will appeal to you.

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