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Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards didn't came out haphazardly, but as a well-thought of brand based on a professional skater's long-time goal. The company is known for their fun and colourful skateboard decks which often have cartoon characters or based on the popular ones such as those from DC Comics. Fun, lively and creative skateboard decks are not just for the young fans of Almost, but for anyone who loves the art of skateboarding, whether you're an amateur or pro. Shop the latest Almost skateboards and other products right here at Yakwax! All with our rad FREE UK delivery service.

Almost Skateboard Decks, Apparel & Accessories UK

Almost Skateboards was founded in 2003 by pros Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. The company is based in El Segundo, California and currently under Dwindle Distribution - known as the world's largest skateboard conglomerate.

The idea of having their own company came about while Rodney and Daewon sat down for coffee. Much like most skateboard brands, the founders wanted to start their own based on their favourite thing in the world, and for the fun and creative side of producing decks and apparel for their fellow skaters.

The name 'Almost a Skateboard Company' was agreed upon after months of deliberation as the founders wanted it to look good on the walls of retail stores who would eventually carry their products. They also wanted the company to be the place where amazing skaters come together as family, no matter which continent they come from.

The brand's team riders are indeed from different parts of the globe and these include the founders Rodney and Daewon, with (pros) Cooper Wilt, Chorstoph 'Willow' Wildgrube, Lewis Marnell (R.I.P.), Youness Amrani, (amateurs) Mitchie Brusco, and Yuri Facchini.

The 'Almost Famous' series introduced the 'Almost Locals' concept which applies to skaters who were provided with skateboards, but are not listed as team riders for the brand. They are considered and given the "flow" status. The "flow" riders include Filipp Lepikhin, Issey Yumiba, CJ Tambornino, Jean-Marc Johannes, Daryl Dominguez, Micky Mariano Papa and Christopher Chann.

Using Unconventional Materials

Almost is known for their 7-ply, 8-ply and carbon fibre skate decks bounded by resin epoxy glue. The two models they released using carbon fibre are the Uber Light and the Impact support.

The Uber Light has carbon foam core that provides internal strength to the deck. The Impact Support has carbon fibre disks around the areas where the tuck is mounted to prevent typical board breakage and pressure cracks.


Almost Skateboards have collaborated with various brands over the years, which resulted to the some of the coolest and most colourful skateboards.

They've worked with DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera and artist Jean Jullien. With cartoon characters, super heroes, funny graphics and tie die in the bunch, there's always something for everyone in their collaborative collections.

Almost also worked with Nike SB and TransWorld Skateboarding magazine in 2013 to feature amateur rider Youness Amrani. Daewon's 12'er sneakers were created in collaboration with DVS and Almost.

Videos and Contests

The Almost crew is all about fun and creativity, and they have incorporated these elements not only in the products they put out.

They have filmed several videos such as Round Three (2004); Cheese & Crackers (2006); 5-Incher (2012); and the 'Almost Famous' series via the RIDE Channel (2013).

The 'Double Impact Contest Series' was launched in 2011 in collaboration with Liberty Boardshop and held at the Brea 12 set. The second contest was in 2012 and in collaboration with Tactics Skate Shop, and held in Oregon. In 2013, the Europe Impact Tour commenced in Berlin and the Double Impact Contests were incorporated into the tours from then on. Winners are provided a year's worth of Almost skateboard decks.

Almost is truly one of the most dedicated brands in the industry. They have contributed more than just excellent products, but their time and energy in keeping the sport alive and more fun for everyone.

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