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Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop is an independent company that produces skateboard decks, apparel and accessories. It has over two decades of experience and existence in the skateboarding industry, and providing only top quality products to core consumers in the United States and globally. Though not all skaters believe in extraterrestrials, Alien Workshop is more than willing to make anyone believe in their innovative and artsy products are among the best in the world today. Get your Alien Workshop skate decks, clothing and accessories right here at Yakwax! Everything comes with our killer FREE UK delivery service.

Alien Workshop Skateboard Decks & Apparel UK

Many independent companies' mantra is to operate and exist in the industry in their own terms. This is what Alien Workshop stands for more than two decades ago up to now. They have been and will always be a part of the global skateboard community, contributing to the culture and evolution.

Since Alien Workshop's founding, they have always provided quality products and constantly drive forward and produce innovative skate decks, clothing and accessories. The company is currently lean and operates outside of Dayton, Ohio in a defunct nuclear bunker. It seemed odd, but it is where the design, operations and shipment all happen.

The company wants to keep it small at the moment, so their team riders from Canada and the US are not as plentiful as other major brands. The team includes Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Max Garson, Sammy Montano, Brandon Nguyen, Miguel Valle, Yaje Popson and Paul Liliani.

Videos and Artistic Film Series

Like many skateboard brands, Alien Workshop have produced a great collection of videos such as Memory Screen (1991), Timecode (1997), Photosythesis (2000), Kalis in Mono (2006), Mind Field (2009) and Bunker Down (2015).

Their web-based video series called Life Splicing was started in 2011 up until 2012. The series involved videographers Greg Hunt, Cody Green and Benny Maglinao. If you love video series with an artistic flair, Life Splicing 001 to 006 are worth watching.

Founding and Acquisitions by Other Companies

While majority of the skateboard brands were founded in core states like California and New York, Alien Workshop was formed in 1990 in Ohio by Chris Carter, Neil Blender and Mike Hill.

In 2000, the company was acquired by Burton Snowboards. In 2009 Rob Dyrdek acquired the company, but he became a minority share holder in the later part of 2013. The company was acquired by Pacific Vector Holdings in October 2013. In May of 2014, news of Alien Workshop closure started to circulate. However, Dyrdek mentioned in an interview that the company was just on hiatus.

A Company Reinvented

By early 2015, Alien Workshop became a revived company after more than two decades of changing management and strategies for the sake of business.

Many people within the skateboarding community have given their own POV's of the company's history. But it is only those within the company itself have a better understanding of what transpired and what is next for Alien Workshop since 2015 and onwards.

Currently, the company operates like a startup with a small staff and short list of team riders to help them promote their products. But their popularity didn't die down during those months that they have ceased operations prior to 'resurfacing' to once again create and provide some of today's best skate decks and clothing.

There are several brands in the skateboarding industry that truly made and retained their mark. But the journey and existence of Alien Workshop are, perhaps, what made the brand more transcendent, unique and interesting to their core market.

For skaters who love unique and colourful decks, apparel and accessories, plus chasing extra terrestrials on the side, Alien Workshop have an excellent collection of each category. And you can shop them all here at Yakwax together with our out-of-this-world FREE UK delivery service!