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187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Skateboard Pads

It's all about the Premium Skate Protection when talking about 187 Killer Pads. 187 is one of the industry's most reputable names when it comes to safety and protection for skaters and Roller Derby. Loved by both amateurs and pros, 187 knee and elbow pads are comfortable, hard-wearing and well-crafted to meet the high-intensity performance of skateboarders. Here at Yakwax, we value the need for excellent knee, head and elbow protection especially among the young groms in the skateboarding community. We are ecstatic to carry 187 Killer Pads and their range of awesome products, all with FREE UK Delivery.

187 Killer Pads - Premium Skate Protection

187 Killer Pads is one of the names that stand out when searching online for skateboard knee & elbow pads. It is among the industry's top names to look for when it comes to skateboard and roller derby protective gear.

Without a doubt, 187 provides legit products to both amateurs and professional skateboarders and derby girls. Speaking of skate pros, the company has a roster of team riders from the likes of Adam Taylor, Lincoln Ueda, Lizzie Armanto, Andy MacDonald, Omar Hassan, Tony Hawk, Mimi Knoop, Pedro Barros, Christian Hosoi, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, Steve Caballero, Chris Miller and Alex Sorgente, among many others. You can check their website to see some of these pros in action while using their famous knee pads, as well as the entire list of their awesome Team Riders.

Founded by a Skater for Skaters

187 Killer Pads is an American company which was founded in 1999 in Florida by long-time skater Vinton Pacetti. Their family-owned upholstery shop became the company's headquarters where the innovative knee pads and other protective gear took shape.

Raising the Bar in Protective Skating Gear

The revolutionary designs of 187's killer pads have made the company a household name in the world of skateboarding and roller derby. With the high demands of both amateur and professional skaters, the company offers excellent protective gear that's ingenious, robust, comfortable and with superb quality.

The company also produces knee protection for children who love the thrill of shredding at the parks and in the bowl. This gives parents a little ease especially when their groms show off their killer moves right in front of them.

187 knee pads are definitely the main product that majority of skaters are going for. Among the most popular are the 187 Pro pads that come with double stitching, replaceable hard shell and sufficient padding for proper cushioning.

Protective Gear is Serious Business

Skate protection products dominate the existing roster of 187's products. They offer protective gear for the head, knees and arms (wrist and elbow) but the company has other offerings such as apparel and accessories as well as combo pad sets.

If you need sufficient gear, go for a Pro Skate helmet, knee pads and gasket, as well as elbow pads and wrist guards. For worn out caps on knee pads, there's 187's recaps. Pro Skate and Derby Knee knee protection come in combo and sets for both adults and children.

For avid skating fans and non-skating individuals, you can get other cool products from 187 such as their t-shirts (for men and women) and duffel bags.

Why 187 Killer Pads are the Right Choice

187 Killer Pads has become the benchmark for top quality knee pads and other protective skate gear. Being backed by professional skaters who have tried and tested the main product offerings and with revolutionary designs and systems, 187 sets itself apart from competitors.

But don't just take our word for it!

Get the extra protection you need whenever you shred. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or an amateur, or even a grom. You will thank yourself later for getting kitted out in 187 killer pads. Shop here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery!