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The Brixton Holiday 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax

Classic styles are always timeless especially when it comes to apparel and other soft goods. The aim of most brands is to produce pieces that will appeal to a wide demographic without upsetting their budgets, and without changing their designs constantly.

In the skate and street apparel categories, it is a fact that not all individuals have excessive budgets to splurge on clothing. Often they are looking for long-lasting apparel that can last for several seasons or years. Aesthetically, many classic apparel have survived the test of time and the constantly evolving styles, making them one of the most sought-after styles for generations.

Speaking of classic apparel, we are ecstatic to announce the arrival of the Brixton Holiday 2017 collection here at the Yakwax store. This very first drop is chock-full of tops, outerwear and headwear that you can enjoy all year-round. 

Check below for our top five picks:

The brightly coloured Brixton Langley Stripe Beanie in Mustard Brown will definitely make you stand out while skating or just walking down the street. Stay warm and comfy from head to toe, starting with this eye-catching beanie.

What’s more comfortable and warm than the new Brixton Wheeler Pullover Fleece Hoodie in Black? Perhaps this is one of them available today for the enjoyment of the cold outdoor weather this season.

Gone are the days of the super loose tops, so make sure to get the new Brixton Potrero Henley in Off White Black. This shirt is certainly one of the classics for all ages and ideal for casual, skate and street wear.

This cool collab of Stance X Brixton Surplus Socks in Army is cooler than the holiday weather! Grab these socks as soon as you can and enjoy wearing your favourite footwear with added warmth and comfort.

If you want a not-so typical coloured cap, the new Brixton Oath III Snapback in Light Heather Grey Burgundy White is the perfect option. Enjoy wearing this snapback anywhere with your favourite casual or skate outfit.

The Brixton Holiday 2017 collection brings back the cozy, yet classic design aesthetic that definitely wins the heart of both young and old. Enjoy the year-end with fresh Brixton tops, socks, outerwear and headwear as you head outdoors for a quick shred!

Shop for the cool Brixton apparel and soft goods right here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery.


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