Rad Surfing and Beach Accessories Spring-Summer 2023 Now at Yakwax!

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Rad Surfing and Beach Accessories Spring-Summer 2023 Now at Yakwax!

Rad Surfing and Beach Accessories Spring-Summer 2023 Now at Yakwax!

When you're all set to go your favourite surfing location, it's best to check your stash of surf accessories. If you're missing a few essential items or in need of new ones to add to your travel bag, this season is ideal to do some shopping.

Somehow, many surfers and beach-goers forget that even the smaller items can make a difference in the way you enjoy your favourite watersport. There's no right or wrong when it comes to surfing accessories and complementary products. The key is to find and keep what's useful and practical for your overall experience and enjoyment. This is quite true especially for travelling surfers and all sorts of watersports practitioner, since you'll never know what you need until you do!

Among the most useful surf accessories these days is a wetsuit hanger. Wetsuits are pricey to begin with, so you don't want to damage it just by hanging it anywhere. Another practical item to have is a surfboard wax remover. This item is so useful and often underrated, just because it is small and readily available. Finding a good quality and well-designed wax remover makes a difference in the amount of time spent in removing the wax on your board, so you have more time riding the waves!

Of course, you also need to protect your skin from UV rays and other harmful elements in the environment while you're surfing or swimming. Sun protection products are not limited to skin care brands, since there are companies specifically formulating sun protection for watersports athletes. Often, the SPF values are higher and the formulations are adapted to longer hours spent under the sun and in the water.

With that being said, this is absolutely the best time to invest on superb products that will complement your spring-summer watersports activities. You'll find various brands out there, but among the most popular among surfers, swimmers and other watersports enthusiasts are Sun Bum sun protection, C-Monsta wetsuit hanger, and Wax Fresh wax remover

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Surfing and Beach Accessories Spring-Summer 2023 drop here at the Yakwax store! We carry the above-mentioned brands and the latest surf products they offer, so better get yours while stocks last! All with FREE UK delivery when you order here at Yakwax.

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