Stance Kids, Baby/Toddler Socks & Underwear Spring 2020 -Now at Yakwax

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Stance Kids, Baby and Toddler Socks and Underwear Spring 2020 - Now Available at Yakwax!


Comfort and flexibility are the two most important qualities when it comes to children's clothes and undergarments. They play a lot and move around endlessly especially during the warm months of spring to summer. Kids have all the energy to do so and it is essential to provide them with proper wear from inside and out that will let them enjoy the fun activities they love.

These days, there are plenty of options in boys' underwear, kids' socks and other accessories to complement their usual getup. However, it is in proper selection that makes a huge difference if you want the youngsters to enjoy playtime and outdoor fun without sacrificing comfort. The brand you choose makes the difference especially if you are in search of topnotch materials that protect the skin and offer airy, lightweight qualities at the same time. One such brand is Stance - the iconic innovator in socks and underwear that took the world by storm!

Stance is known and loved for their super comfy socks for all ages, and their proprietary blend of materials for their men's and boys' underwear. Investing on a few pairs of kids' socks and/or boxers for the youngsters is worth it in the long run.

This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of the Stance Kids, Baby and Toddler Socks and Underwear Spring 2020 collection right here at the Yakwax store! If it's already due to update the youngsters' socks and underwear drawers, now's the best time to do so.

Browse below to see our top five faves from this Stance Toddler and baby socks collection


Little kids may not know the iconic band yet, but the Stance x Nirvana Nevermind 3 Pack Baby Socks (Multi) are theirs to enjoy and flaunt! Parents who love the band will do anything to immortalise it, so this is one way of doing it with style and purpose.


The new Stance Boys Staple ST Kids Boxer Briefs (Black) are ideal for kids with active lifestyles. This elastic and comfortable boxer brief is designed to stay in place and to provide comfort for the super active wearer.


Little feet will require comfort and durability from the Stance x Dr. Seuss 3 Pack Toddler Socks (Multi). These cute and colourful socks are made for walking and exploring, so kids' feet will always be comfortable and supported throughout their daily adventures!


If your kid loves blue and Finding Nemo the movie, this cool and bright pair Stance x Pixar Finding Nemo Kids Socks (Light Blue) is the right option. Super comfy, stylish and with superb cushioning to protect the feet for all-day wear and outdoor fun.

If your kids love the outdoors for super fun activities, the Stance x Dr. Seuss One Fish Kids Socks (Light Blue) are ideal to keep their feet comfortable and cushioned at all times. These socks are definitely made to protect youngsters' feet, while providing airy, lightweight qualities ideal for all-day wear.

Children's comfort should always come first before anything else. So, when you're looking for socks and underwear for them, do consider our latest drop from the Spring 2020 Stance Kids, Baby and Toddler Socks and Underwear collection. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!