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Cool Skate Shoes and Apparel from Vans, Globe and Emerica Fall 2021 Drop Now at Yakwax!


Skating during the fall-winter season can be a challenge for many riders. There's the need for proper clothing, footwear and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable under the chilly weather. Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there that offer superb skate apparel, footwear and accessories for all ages and seasons.

While you have numerous brands to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming when it's time to pick the best for the season's shredding getup. Firstly, you need to prioritise your comfort over style, as the latter will always be present among majority of branded skate clothing, shoes and accessories. Secondly, if it is for the colder months, the item should be able to provide warmth once you wear it outdoors.

With the many brands we carry, there are several favourites that come to mind when it comes to comfort, warmth and style especially when it comes to skate shoes, clothes and accessories for both men and kids. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Skate Shoes and Apparel from Vans, Globe and Emerica Fall 2021 Drop here at the Yakwax store! These are just some of our most favourite brands here at the store, and we know there are many riders who love wearing them as well.

Comfy, colourful and stylish skate getup is what you'll end up with when you check out this latest drop.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Skate Shoes and Apparel from Vans, Globe and Emerica Fall 2021 delivery emerica-tilt-g6-vulc-skate-shoes-black-yellow-black

When you need a new pair of skate footwear that provides proper feet support and durability, the Emerica Tilt G6 Vulc Skate Shoes (Black/Yellow/Black) are the ideal choice. These shoes are designed for shredding in style, without compromising comfort. vans-junior-classic-slip-on-kids-skate-shoes-spiral-tie-dye-multi-true-white

Young shredders will surely love the Vans Junior Classic Slip On Youth Kids Skate Shoes (Multi/True White) for their colour scheme and appeal, as much as the comfort and support they provide. These skate shoes for kids are made for enjoyable skating experience.


Prepare your kids for the cold months by giving them proper outerwear for skating. The vibrant Vans Youth Boys Classic Logo Pullover Hoodie (Chilli Pepper/Black) is the perfect addition to your kid's skating getup, so they could enjoy riding while staying warm and comfy under the cold weather.


You'll never know when it will rain during the cold months, so the new Globe Breaker Spray Windbreaker Rain Jacket (Slate Blue) is the perfect choice to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors. This jacket is also sustainable and environment-friendly, since it is made with recycled polyester.


The Vans Construct Backpack (Black/White) is truly made for outdoor adventures. This rad backpack provides plenty of compartments for gadgets and personal belongings that you can't go without.

Don't wait until next year if you've been meaning to get the latest skate shoes, clothing and accessories to keep you shredding! The Skate Shoes and Apparel from Vans, Globe and Emerica Fall 2021 Drop has superb offerings that will surely keep you shredding in comfort and style. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!