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Keeping it cool, literally, during a warm spring shredding day can be a challenge if you're not wearing the right getup. The season is continuously getting warmer as we approach the summer months, so it's a must to keep yourself cool inside and out by wearing the ideal top and accessories to match.

While jeans, shorts and trousers are the usual bottoms of choice no matter the season, tees, hats/caps and other light and airy items can enhance any skating getup during the warmer months. With longer hours of shredding, there's also the need to properly protect the feet from impacts and possible discomfort. Having pairs of proper skate shoes is always considered good practice among skaters; but further improving your feet's comfort and protection is another level especially if you choose to invest on good shoe insoles.

So, when you can't resist long hours of skating, it's best to wear the right getup from head to feet. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 drop here at Yakwax! We are regularly receiving plenty of cool, awesome skate wear and goodies from various brands just like this latest collection - so better grab yours today without delay, as items are flying out fast.

Below is our top picks from the Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 delivery


When you like a minimalistic cap, the Alltimers Broadway Hat Cap (French Blue, Onesize) is the perfect option. This cap is both stylish and functional, and quite comfortable to wear despite the warm weather.


If you love skating in the early mornings and evenings, the Huf Ground Control L/S T-Shirt (Black) is the perfect top for those cooler hours of the day. This long-sleeved tee goes well with any type of skate jeans, shorts and trousers.


You will definitely need a pair of Footprint Kingfoam Elite High Mouldable Insoles - Colours Collective (Multi) to fully enjoy longer hours of skating, and to keep your feet comfortable and supported especially on those critical/high-impact areas.


Sometimes, all you need is a basic tee like the new Volcom Stone Blanks T-Shirt (White). This t-shirt is quite versatile, lightweight and airy, which makes it the perfect warm weather skate top.


A cool new addition to your growing skate top collection is the Huf Fractal T-Shirt (Colonial Blue). If you're looking for a comfortable and light tee, with a unique colour scheme and design, this is the option for you.

To enjoy shredding under a warm spring day, knowing what to wear ensures comfort and hours of enjoyment. The Skate Clothing & Accessories Spring 2021 drop is a great starting point if you are stocking up on getup. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!

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