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New Cool Skate Products Have Landed at the Yakwax Store!



Skateboarding is always evolving as a sport and as a lifestyle. With it comes the multitude of choices when it comes to gear – may it be the skate deck, wheels, trucks, tools and accessories.

When it’s that time to finally upgrade or replace a part, if not all, of your skateboard, Yakwaxalways has the latest skate items you can shop for and tick on your list.

With that said, we are super stoked to announce the latest drop from some of the top skating brands such as SML, Spitfire, Baker, Mini Logo, Thunder Trucks, among many others.

Browse below to see what’s in store for you.

The following are our top five picks which you might also like:



We know that it’s either you keep this new SML VX Skate Wax as a collectible or actual use it on your next session. The choice is yours. But do know this skate wax is ideal for ledges and curbs, so you can slide and grind with ease.



When being cute extends to your skate gear, the new Baker Herman Meeko Deck 8.25 is one of the fun decks you can get from this latest drop. Classically designed with 7-ply construction for long-term use and enjoyment.



The new Spitfire Formula Four Evan Smith 3rd Eye Swirl Glow Wheels 53mm 99duro lets you enjoy a durable and fun set of skate wheels. These are glow-in-the-dark wheels with colourful swirls that will really turn heads as you shred.



If you love street skating and a bit of height in your gear, the new Mini Logo 0.1” Shock Absorbing Anti Vibration Riser Pad provides the much-needed (slight) rise with additional benefit of shock absorption.



When it’s time to change trucks on your 7.9″ (to 8.2″) board, the new Thunder Arctic Lights Hi 147 Skateboard Trucks (Pair) are ideal options especially if you want a bit of colour on your hardware for a change.


It’s all about fun, colour and topnotch quality in the latest selection of skateboard products at the Yakwaxstore. Shop today and get your order in no time with our superb FREE UK delivery service! Worldwide Express Delivery also available.



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