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Cool New Gorilla Surf Tail Pads Now Available at Yakwax

With over 30 years in the industry, Gorilla Surf is the brand that brings cool and colorfully designed grippy tail pads for surfers all over the world. They are known for their lightweight EVA foam that comes with extremely strong glue.

Some of the first surfboard traction pads commercially available were made by Gorilla Surf. The company constantly evolves and revolutionises their tail pads through enhanced gripping capability and design that appeal to surfers around the globe.

If you’ve been meaning to get new tail pads for your board, look no further! The latest drop from Gorilla Surf’s newest collection has landed at the Yakwax store. Make sure to check some of them below to see what fits your needs and style.

These cool tail pads are just some of our faves:

When you need substantial foot traction that’s cofortable and lightweight, the new Gorilla Surf Gorilla Phat Three Black and Yellow Tail Pad Surfboard Grip is the perfect choice for your regular surf sessions.

The stylishly cool Gorilla Surf Gorilla Mojo Monkey King Tail Pad Surfboard Grip is the ideal option for surfers who want maximum foot traction. The grooves and 3D delta design on the pad let you shred with ease especially when making aggressive turns.

Locking smaller feet in place while surfing is properly achieved with the new Gorilla Surf Gorilla 2 Piece Safety First Tail Pad Surfboard Grip. With signature diamond grooves and slim teardrop design, this stylish pad works to your advantage.

A stylish and functional tail pad is always an option among most avid surfers, and the new Gorilla Surf Gorilla Campaign Charcoal/Orange Tail Pad Surfboard Grip delivers the goods! With better foot traction and high-quality EVA foam to ensure you are comfortable and always on your board.

The new Gorilla Surf Gorilla Phat Three Way Teal Tail Pad Surfboard Grip is the perfect tail pad for extreme surfing as it comes with superior foot traction to keep you on your board for longer periods.

Who wouldn’t want to stay on their boards and just shred the waves without worries? All surfers aim for this ability, but it also requires proper foot traction and comfortable grip. The latest styles from Gorilla Surf will help you achieve all these as you ride the waves at your favourite surf spot.

Shop for the newest tail pads from Gorilla Surf right here at Yakwax and enjoy our rad standard FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!

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