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Men's wallets are made to fit in the back pockets of their jeans, trousers and shorts. They are usually made with leather or a type of durable fabric. You will often find bi-fold and tri-fold wallets for men with money and card slots, as well as Velcro closure that's ideal for the most active guy. Grab a cool wallet for a friend or for yourself right here at Yakwax! Choose among the top street, surf and skate brands we carry such as Dakine, Diamond Supply Co., FCS, Primitive, Rusty and Volcom. Al with FREE UK delivery!

Stylish Wallets - UK Shop

Accessories tend to reflect a person's favourite activity and lifestyle. The designs and colours you choose are often representations of your interests and whatever excites you. The same is true for functional items that you use on a daily basis since these are always around you or inside your bag or pocket.

One of these daily accessories that you take along with you is your wallet. It may be a basic item, but you definitely chose the one that reflects who you are. It may be inside your back pocket the entire day, but it has many of your valued possessions such as your cash, IDs, credit cards and few mini photos of your loved ones.

Men's leather wallet, for instance, is a stylish and functional item for anyone who values durability and fashion. These are a little costly than fabric type wallets, but they are very popular among modish guys.

For guys with active lifestyles and hobbies, shops would recommend men's wallets with Velcro or zip closures and chain or cord attachments for added security. These are ideal for board riders on land, snow and water since they are always on the move and chasing the next greatest adventure.

Whether you're an active guy who's looking for proper wallet to fit your lifestyle, or the geeky dude next door just browsing around, make sure to check our cool collection from top street, surf and skate wear brands DC, Electric, Girl, Hurley and Rebel 8. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!