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Snowboarding is one of the most thrilling board sports of our time. Practitioners and fans love the exhilarating experience of shredding the powdery snow as they slide down the slopes. The most important step to enjoying snowboarding is ensuring you have the necessary clothing and accessories on-hand. These snowboarding essentials are functional, have protective and safety elements, and stylish as well. Enjoy snowboarding minus the worries with proper clothing, essentials and accessories that you can find here at Yakwax! All with amazing FREE UK delivery.

Snowboarding & Ski Gear

"What do I need to snowboard?"

This is the most common question of beginners who want to try snowboarding for the first time. Like other extreme sports, snowboarding offers exhilarating experience and challenge that many thrill-seekers are looking for. However, it is necessary to have advanced snowboarding skills in order to shred those steep snowy hills and do the most exciting tricks.

If this is your first snowboarding adventure, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Make sure to pack proper snowboarding gear, clothing and accessories. These items are necessary for protection, comfort and ease of movement for they are especially designed to help the wearer glide, jump and do tricks on the slopes.
  • Taking snowboarding lessons is an absolute way to learn the sport. If you are a beginner, by all means do schedule for several sessions before going on a snowboarding trip somewhere. You will learn the basic techniques and safety precautions, so you can have fun without the worries.
  • Plan ahead and be prepared, so you can get to your snowboarding destination smoothly.
  • Do bending exercises to help keep your balance and to avoid falling especially on complicated terrain.
  • Shred the slopes across instead of going straight down to stay in control.

Must-Have Snowboarding Items On-Hand

Here's a list of the snowboarding essentials you'll need for a comfortable, safe and memorable ride on the slopes:

Snowboard Clothing - Snowboard clothing involves proper layering to ensure you are warm and comfortable in the freezing climes up on the mountains. Select the type of material you need depending on how your body reacts to cold. Proper outerwear for men and kids, and ski/snowboard socks for men, women and kids are available to protect you and your family from the cold, and to allow you to move with ease. Top brands DC and Volcom provide an awesome range of snowboarding apparel, so you can enjoy shredding while staying warm.

Snowboard Essentials - Snowboarding essentials are definitely hand and useful while you're on the snowy slopes. With snowboard goggles, gloves, balaclavas, beanies, socks, sunglasses and thermals sorted, you can guarantee a pleasant day of shredding the snowy hills. Top brands Electric, Globe and Volcom are among those who provide a great selection of snowboard essentials for all ages.

Snowboard Accessories - You need snowboard accessories not only to keep you safe, but also to help you shred the slopes more comfortably. These include snowboard and ski wax, tools, stomp pads and tuning kits. Make sure to get yours from Zardoz and other top brands we carry to enjoy top quality items.

Shop for snowboard apparel, accessories and other essentials from the world's leading brands. Available here at Yakwax with our superb FREE UK delivery!