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Docs Proplugs

Docs Proplugs are non-invasive and cost-effective earplugs that help prevent ear problems such as those affecting surfers, swimmers, musicians and anyone who is exposed to super loud sounds, noise and cold waters. Made with hypoallergenic flexible plastic that moulds and fits perfectly on your ears over time. Protect your ears with Docs Proplugs – available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Docs Proplugs Earplugs – UK Store

Docs Proplugs was founded in 1977 by Dr. Robert Scott, an avid water sports fan and practitioner. After retiring from general practice in 1985, Dr. Scott continue conducting research on ear problems that affect water sports practitioners. He found out that water and exposure to cold temperature have drastic effects on the ears.

Dr. Scott travelled across the globe while studying such ear problems in water sports, eventually leading him to inventing Docs Proplugs. He was among the first to suggest that cold condition is the culprit causing exostosis (bony growth in the ears of water sports athletes, common among divers and surfers). These days, Dr. Scott frequents world-class water sports events offering ear examinations for free.

International Aquatics Trade, Inc. distributes Docs Proplugs to selected surf and dive shops, pharmacies and ENT specialist. The distribution is located in Santa Cruz, California and is owned by Dr. Scott’s daughter Brenda Scott-Rogers. She is a former women’s world-class surfer and still actively surfing to this day.

Benefits of Using Docs Proplugs

Proplugs are made with a soft hypoallergenic plastic called Dynaflex. These earplugs are preformed, latex-free, reusable and become more flexible when worn due to your warm body/ear temperature. The memory properties of Proplugs enables them to fit properly in your auricle, creating a watertight seal.

Docs Proplugs are non-invasive, affordable and long-lasting. These earplugs are ideal protection from loud noise, cold sea water, and other activities that involve similar factors. Consistent usage of Proplugs help prevent ear infections, exostosis, ruptured eardrum and hearing loss due to high-frequency sound.

Docs Proplugs Product Line

Retail Fitting Set – For first-time user, the Retail Fitting Set includes a variety of one side (an assortment of left and right) of each of the eight sizes of Proplugs in both vented and solid/non-vented variants.

Combo Packs – The combo pack contains four pairs of Proplugs, one pair for each size per set; just choose the right age range when you’re ordering. These earplugs are designed for swimming and bathing as they prevent water from entering the individual’s ears. These are not suitable for scuba or skin diving.

Proplugs – There are four variants of Proplugs namely:

  • Solid with leash (non-vented) and Solid without leash (non-vented) – both are effective in protecting ears against loud/high-frequency noise; blocks 25-decibel sound; ideal for recreational use, bathing, swimming and concerts; not recommended for scuba or skin diving; with optional leash to avoid losing your earplugs
  • Vented with leash and Vented without leash – both types of vented earplugs are designed to protect your ears from impacts, cold water and loud/high-frequency sound; ideal for water sports, scuba/free diving and motorcycling; blocks 20-decibel sound; with optional leash to avoid losing your earplugs

Promolds – These are virtually unnoticeable and inexpensive ready-to-wear hearing aid and headset which can be fitted easily. The state-of-the-art concave design is available in eight sizes and can customise itself to fit all sorts and sizes of ears. The Promold is made with hypoallergenic, soft Kraton which has ‘memory’ feature that seals the ear to prevent high gain feedback.

Docs Proplugs are innovative little devises that anyone can use to protect the ears, prevent ear/hearing problems, and provide extra protection while doing your favourite water sports and activities. These are professionally designed for all sorts of activities both on land and water.

Start protecting your ears by getting a pair of Proplugs here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!