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9ft Longboard Leash

9ft Longboard Leash

Longer surf leashes are absolutely indispensable in surfing the big waves. They have all the necessary components that allow surfers to reach for their boards after a wipeout. Top of the line 9ft leashes from Dakine, FCS and Ocean And Earth are made with high-quality materials and processes to ensure durability and quality. Get yours today here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

9ft Surfboard & Longboard Leashes

The primary purpose of leashes is to prevent your surfboard from drifting away particularly on crowded waters which can cause serious injury to other surfers. Many surfing locations and states implement a law that mandate all surfers to use leashes for safety and as standard procedure for surfing.

Not all leashes are created equal; so, you'll need to understand why length is essential for your choice of surfboard. Beginners need a leash at least a foot longer than their board; while experienced surfers choose a leash that is 6 inches longer. Generally, surfers use longer leashes for shredding the big waves.

9ft surfboard leashes manufactured by top brands like FCS, Dakine and Ocean And Earth are available in different types, lengths and colours that suit every surfer's need. So, if you prefer to shred on a longboard, a 9ft surfboard leash is ideal. Shop your new stash of 9ft leash and other surfing gear at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery service!