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Yakwax Just Got Brilliant New Drop From Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond Supply Co. apparel has got even better through the years. Their products have been tested; their strong design aesthetic, and commitment for creating high quality goods was embraced by  skate and street fashion communities as soon as it launched and we know that you wanted their products to be with Yakwax so we listened many years ago and continue to do so! That is why we just got another brilliant line of Diamond Supply Co. Apparel

Whether a skateboarder or not; from classic head wears up to the most comfortable creps, we’ve got a cool range of it just for you!

Our 5 favourite picks have been listed below: 



Diamond Supply Co Arch Basketball Jersey in Navy

Designed with a water based printed artwork all over.


Diamond Supply Co Hamilton Trunks in Black White

Love the design of this new Diamond Supply Co Hamilton Trunks in Black White!


Diamond Supply Co Palm Vibes Crewneck in White

This palm vibes crewneck sweatshirt will always keep you warm.


Diamond Supply Co Serif Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt in Black

Collared shirts will never get out of style like this chambray-shirt!


Diamond Supply Co X Cassie Neon Body T-shirt in White

Cassie is truly a babe! Get this limited edition shirt now!


Through 15 years of Diamond Supply Co’s business, you can’t never doubt the quality and comfort their items offers to you. There will always be something on Diamond Supply Co. products that will fit to your taste and lifestyle! So, what are you waiting for, have a #DiamondLife.

If you want to see more from Diamond Supply Co., more of their great products are waiting for you! Just click this link now to check the full list of Diamond Supply Products or check our Yakwax Online Store! Get stoked as Yakwax offers FREE UK Delivery on all your orders!

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