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Yakwax Becomes First Liquiproof Stockist In Guernsey


We are stoked to announce that Yakwax has become the first and currently only Stockist of Liquiproof in Guernsey! You may have seen this revolutionary product wowing the multi millionaires on Dragons Den recently and we’re even more impressed! The benefits and uses of this product are simply endless but we feel the immediate benefits are going to be on shoes, especially suede and canvas as well as clothing and accessories such as backpacks, bags and hats.

What does it do?

Liquiproof creates and invisible waterproof barrier on your garments and footwear that keeps water and dirt at bay. This is going to be so beneficial if you’re into pristine white shoes but don’t like wearing them out for the fear they’re going to caked in crap. The videos are amazing but when you see this product in action with your own eyes we guarantee you you’re going to be even more impressed!

We’re currently stocking the 50ml and 125ml bottles for soft fabrics as well as the 50ml leather goods spray. We also stock the triple brush which comes highly recommended and will give you a much better long lasting finish when used on all applications. The 50ml bottle of Liquiproof spray is more than enough to do 2 pairs of shoes to give you an idea of how far it goes, the cool thing is the extended lifetime that you’re going to get our of your goods when using liquiproof is going to be significantly better not to mention keeping them in pristine condition.

Shop today at Yakwax for this revolutionary product and get FREE UK Delivery.


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