The Xcel Winter 2018-2019 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

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The Xcel Winter 2018-2019 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!


Winter surfing requires only the best surf attire and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable in freezing temperatures - may it be in or out of the water. Adventure-seekers are the most vulnerable if they are not well-equipped with the proper winter surfing garment; so it's best to prep and invest on proper surfing attire.

Professional surfers understand the need to maintain body heat while surfing all seasons. The type and thickness of wetsuit will depend on the season, which is why premier brands like Xcel are going the extra mile in innovating and 'greening' their wetsuits to ensure surfers get the maximum protection, comfort and durability while shredding.

We are super stoked for the arrival of the Xcel Winter 2018-2019 collection here at the Yakwax store! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you will absolutely need proper winter suits to keep you surfing with ease and comfort.

Browse our top five picks below for a sneak preview of this Xcel wetsuits delivery

The Xcel Men's 4/3mm Com X 2019 Wetsuit (Graphite Snow) is ideal for winter surfing as it keeps the body warm and comfortable without the added weight. Quite lightweight, soft and flexible thanks to its FDA-approved TDC Celliant lining.

For warmer waters, the Xcel Women's Ocean Ramsey Ventx S/S Rashvest Top (Water) is perfect for all-day swim and surf sessions under the sun.

For serious groms, the Xcel Kids 5/4mm Axis 2019 Wetsuit (Ink Blue Fluro Lime) is ideal for cold water surfing. Quite comfortable, warm, stretchy and eco-friendly - the perfect wetsuit for today's young surfers.

Never shred in the winter waters without these Xcel 5mm Drylock Split Toe Wetsuit 2019 (Black Grey). These boots are made for the cold waters, so you can stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Stay well-equipped as you shred all year-round with the Xcel Axis 2mm Surf Cap with Bill. It protects the eyes from bright sunlight and glare, and keeps your head comfortable and warm.

Nothing beats a wonderful surfing adventure even in the cold winter months, and it can only be achieved with proper wetsuit and accessories to keep you moving and enjoying the waves.

Get the latest wetsuits, rash vests, boots and other surf accessories from the Xcel Winter 2018-2019 collection - available right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!