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It is truly irresistible to surf these days, as the waters are warm and inviting and the weather is perfect to do so. If you love riding the waves no matter the season, investing on proper wetsuit is the best decision you'd ever make.

Although, not many surfers will agree on splurging on wetsuits for every season and weather, the opportunity to invest on them is ideal and worthwhile over time. With plenty of top-notch brands that provide high-end, innovative surf wear, you can be sure that you're spending money on good quality items. One such brand is Xcel - a globally renowned company that produces wetsuits for decades. They have superb collection of wetsuits for men, women and kids each season - offering highly innovative wear for cold and warm waters, with exceptional quality and durability.

If you're planning to spend on wetsuit for summer/warm months, the Xcel Wetsuits Summer 2020 collection is now available at Yakwax! We are stoked to receive this collection and offer you what's latest from the brand such as full-length wetsuits for men and women, among others.

Browse below for our top picks from this Xcel delivery


If you're tired of black and grey wetsuits, the Xcel Mens 3/2 Comp Wetsuit 2020 (Dark Forest) is a great alternative. Made with quality innovative materials that offer flexibility and great fit, so you can enjoy long hours of surfing.



With a touch of feminine appeal and the benefits of entry level comp wetsuit, the Xcel Womens Comp 3/2mm Wetsuit 2020 (Black) is a great addition to your summer surf gear. If you need to level up your shredding skills, this is a superb wetsuit to keep you shredding without compromising comfort and durability.



If you need super flexible and lightweight wetsuit, the new Xcel Mens Comp X TDC 3/2mm Wetsuit 2020 (Black) is an excellent choice. Made with top-notch materials to ensure comfort, durability and flexibility, allowing you to move and shred for hours!



Whether you need added layer of insulation for those occasional chilly days and waters, or for those days that don't need full-length wetsuits, the Xcel Men's Axis Pullover Vest 2/1mm (Black) is a versatile surfing top that's worth keeping. This vest is ideal for warmer days paired with neoprene surf shorts or wetsuit pants.



The Xcel Men's 3/2mm Comp Wetsuit 2020 (Jet Black) offers plenty of benefits for the super active surfer. It is designed for movement, flexibility and comfort which allows you to focus on those waves.

Before you head out to your favourite surfing spots, make sure to update your gear and wear for long-lasting shredding and comfort. The Xcel Wetsuits Summer 2020 collection has some of the best wetsuits you can have this season. Order today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

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