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The summer months allow us to enjoy the outdoors to engage in our favourite sports and activities. There's also the opportunity to do some relaxing and chilling out during the weekends. During these times, it's best to wear lightweight clothing to prevent discomfort and overly sweating. When you're the active type of individual, it's best to choose tops that will allow you to move freely and comfortably.

Many of today's lifestyle and apparel brands are conscious of the increasing needs of super active people. Sports practitioners, for example, are always seen wearing t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts and any easy to wear tops that go well with any type bottomwear and footwear. This is also one reason why street style aficionados love sportswear brands as they can choose what's rad and comfortable to wear all year-round. 

One such brand is Volcom who's known for cool and innovative apparel and footwear for all ages. They are quite popular among boardsports practitioners and fans for their stylish collections that truly transcend among individuals of various styles and fashion tastes.

This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Tops Summer 2020 Collection here at the Yakwax store! If you haven't got any new top in your wardrobe, better check this collection to start your summertime shopping.

Browse below for out top five favourites:



To fully enjoy the warm summer months, it's best to wear a top that truly resonates the season like the new Volcom Mentawais Short-Sleeved Shirt (Mysto Green). This rad shirt is ideal for all sorts of casual situations, as well as those laid-back days.



When the early mornings and late afternoons are a bit chilly, the new Volcom Levstone Vibes Pullover Hood (Black) will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. This hoodie is quite versatile and stylish, so you can wear it any time and any season.



For casual situations and unusual nippy days, the Volcom Bayond Long-Sleeved Shirt (Light Blue) provides a classically stylish appeal. Wear it with jeans, trousers or chino pants with your favourite pair of shoes - whether for casual outdoor fun, chilling out, or even for work!



Add some colour to your summertime getup with the Volcom Chromatic Crew T-Shirt (Cool Blue). This cool t-shirt is perfect for any outdoor activity - whether for skating or hanging out. 



For those who stick with single colours for their summertime top, the new Volcom Wowzer Polo Shirt (Sandstone) is the perfect option. When you need a shirt for almost any type of situation, this is the one to wear with your favourite jeans, trousers or shorts.


Don't miss out on stylish tops for the warm summer months. The Volcom Tops Summer 2020 collection has so much to offer - order yours today here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!


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