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Summer's here and everyone's gearing for the warm months ahead. If you love the outdoors for fun activities and sports, you perfectly understand the need for airy and lightweight getup from head to toe. Usual summer pieces include tees, shorts and flip flops for beach-goers and almost everybody else.

Guys who love to surf and skate also know the importance of light and airy clothing especially when there are planned shredding sessions ahead. While there are proper wetsuits for surfers and easy to wear and flexible clothing for skaters, they will also need getup for those laid-back days, for driving long hours and after sessions; so, it's best to have extra clothes and footwear to relax into after a strenuous day.

Today's clothing and accessories brands understand the need for more utilitarian, but stylish getup that truly appeals to the super active individual. One such brand is Volcom - a world-renowned company that provides stylishly cool clothing and accessories for those with active lifestyles. The brand also appeals to anyone who loves casual wear and laid-back fashion for any situation.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Summer 2020 Collection here at the Yakwax store. Choose from a superb selection of board shorts, flip flops and pants that are perfect for the summer months.

Browse below for our top five favourites: 


When you need a new pair of shorts for water sports and dry land, the new Volcom Surf N Turf (SNT) Dry Cargo Hybrid Shorts 21" (Army Green Combo) will make sure you have proper bottomwear in both situations. These shorts are rad in design, comfort, flexibility and dry easily for all-day wear, in and out of the water!



Wear the refreshing colours of summer with the new Volcom Ransacked Boardshort (Black). These cheerfully coloured boardshorts are more than just capturing the eyes as they are the perfect bottomwear for enjoying the waters - whether you swim or surf for fun. 



Don't bother wearing shoes when you're out on the hunt for the perfec surfing spot! The new Volcom Recliner 2 Rubber Sandal (Black Grey) are made for the beach and to enjoy the outdoors this summertime. Enjoy walking the boardwalks, beachfront and those odd rocky paths while wearing these comfy and durable sandals.



When you want to stay on the safe side when it comes to colourways and designs, the new Volcom Levstone Vibes Mood-Tech Boardshort (Black) is perfect to keep it neutral. Wear it in and out of the water, and you'll find it quite stylish with any of your favourite summertime tops.



Don't be discouraged in wearing denim shorts this season. The new Volcom Kinkade Denim Short (Grey Vintage) is comfortable and lightweight with a bit of flex. These shorts are perfect for t-shirts and light, airy collared shirts.

No need to worry about what to wear when going to your favourite surf spot, hangout place, and almost anywhere you love spending summer activities. The Volcom Summer 2020 Collection has so much to offer, so make sure to check the entire collection. All with FREE UK delivery when your order here at Yakwax!

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