The Volcom Fall 2019 Collection Has Landed at the Yakwax Store!

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The Volcom Fall 2019 Collection Has Landed at the Yakwax Store!


It's definitely getting colder each day as we are heading towards the last few weeks of 2019. For sporty individuals, this is a more exciting and challenging time to test their skills and endurance - whether in shredding the streets, the waves or the snowy peaks!

Board sports practitioners have seasonal sets of attire particularly worn to protect and help them perform. For those who prefer to shred on the streets and powdery slopes, wearing layered clothing and headwear are essential to keeping themselves warm. Travelling is also a major factor to consider, so accessories such as travel bags and backpacks are among the list of must-haves.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Fall 2019 collection! This latest drop is complete from fall to winter tops such as tees, hoodies, jackets, shirts, as well as pants, beanies, belts, backpacks and wallets that you can take on your next adventure.

Browse below for our top five picks from this latest drop

If you love black hoodies for a cool, but light outerwear, the new Volcom Wailes Pullover Hood (Black) is the perfect choice this season. Contrasting colours adorn this basic hoodie, and it is definitely made to keep you warm and comfy on a cold morning or afternoon shred.


Perhaps the ideal skating backpack you'll find this season is this Volcom Substrate Backpack (Cabernet, One Size) - complete with skateboard straps and durable shoulder straps when you're on the go. This backpack is great for travelling skaters and schoolers.

Staying cool and warm at the same time is achievable with the new Volcom Caden Solid L/S Shirt (Mediterranean). This shirt is made with the right materials to keep you warm and stylish on a nippy autumn shred or chill-out.

When you need additional grip on your snowboard, the new Volcom Snowboard Stone Studs Stomp (Purple Haze, One Size) provide a cool and edgy appeal at the same time. Let these mini stone studs work their magic when you shred the slopes and see how grippy they are.

If you don't enjoy those bulky, heavy snowboard pants, the new and hip Volcom Puff Puff Snowboard Pants (Black) are great alternatives. These pants are absolutely made to keep you warm and comfy, and will make your shredding more enjoyable without the heavy or bulky feeling.

Fall to winter seasons won't go away soon, so better bundle up with style and without the bulky, heavy clothing that you usually wear in the cold. Volcom is one of the most innovative brands that provide some of the coolest and trendiest apparel and accessories for board sports enthusiasts. So grab yours today from the Volcom Fall 2019 collection - available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!