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The Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


As the season becomes warmer each day, increased in springtime activities and outdoor fun are expected. Both young and old will be able to enjoy this season this year, but still with caution of course. Part of the preparation for spring activities are the complementary attire to suit the weather and the individual needs of folks with active lifestyles. 

Surely, skaters and sporty individuals are always in search of proper getup to match their needs every season. Springtime getup should always be light, airy, easy to wear, and, as much as possible, durable. To meet these standards, it's an absolute best to seek out skate brands that focus primarily on quality, function and style. Among the top brands today is Volcom - a name that stands for being "True to This" for over 30 years. The brand successfully combines the board sport lifestyle, passion, creativity and anti-establishment. 

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 Drop here at Yakwax! We have received a great selection of items suitable for the spring-summer weather, and we can't wait for you to check them out!

Browse below for a glimpse of our top faves from the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 delivery


The Volcom Skate Vitals Cargo Hybrid Shorts (Khaki) is lightweight and durable, and perfect for any activity on land or in the water! It is made for mobility and will keep you dry whatever adventure you're in.




The Volcom Serum Sweatshirt (Rose Brown) will keep you warm on those odd nippy days. This is a lightweight sweatshirt that you can wear even while skating to keep you warm and comfy.


It's easy and stylish to secure your shorts or trousers while skating with the rad Volcom Circle Web Belt (Limeade). This web belt also features a hidden bottle opener just in case you and your mates decide a quick drink after a long day of shredding.



White tees will never go out of style no matter the season, so it's best to grab the Vocom Kind Shine T-shirt (Cloud). This t-shirt is part of the Kind Shine Farm to Yarn initiative towards more sustainable clothing using organic cotton, while supporting local farms and communities.


The Volcom Youth Boys Iconic Dye Longsleeve T-shirt (Lime Tie Dye) will keep young skaters comfortable and warm on a chilly skating day. This stylishly cool long-sleeved t-shirt is the perfect pair for jeans, trousers and shorts.


The vibrant Volcom Stone Blanks BSC T-shirt (Cayenne) is ideal for any outdoor fun for its breathability and light weight. Made with organic cotton, this tee is the ideal top for those super warm days.

Enjoying springtime shredding or any other outdoor activity will ultimately depend on what you wear to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Don't miss out on the stylish selection of the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 drop - available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!