Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (3rd Drop) Now at Yakwax!

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The Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (3rd Drop) is Now at Yakwax!

The Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (3rd Drop) is Now at Yakwax!

There are many reasons to stock up on warm weather attire as we are enjoying spring and the summer months are fast approaching. This is the time to look for comfortable and airy clothes, so you can enjoy the outdoors for long hours.

The usual staples for the spring-summer months are tees, shorts, trousers, hats/caps, and the always available outerwear such as light hoodies and sweaters for those nippy days in between. For skaters, these are the typical choices when it comes to shredding and hanging out since it's easy to mix and match them without much effort. Most times, these clothing and accessories complement each other, which makes it quite easy for riders to shop no matter the season.

Among today's top brands when it comes to board sports and outdoor style clothing and accessories is Volcom. The brand is known for being anti-establishment and their battle cry "True to This", and their products and creativity are inspired by diversity in art, music, board sports, creatives and the folks who share the same passions. The company is also committed to sustainability in both practices and materials, inclusivity, diversity, and quality of their products.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (Drop 3) here at the Yakwax store! You'll definitely find what you need to wear this spring-summer season, whether you're a young shredder or a pro in the making.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (Drop 3) delivery 


The Volcom Center Trunk 17" Boardshort (Living Coral) is a stylish and versatile bottom for spring-summer adventure. Whether you wear it in or out of the water, this short doesn't disappoint.


The Volcom Full Stone XFit Cap (Stormy Sea) will keep your head cool while shredding or just hanging out under a warm spring day. This XFit cap will work very well with any of your spring-summer getup.



For those who love loose fit tees, the Volcom Roseye LSE T-Shirt (Nirvana) is the perfect option. This vibrant t-shirt is great for any outdoor activity since it is lightweight, airy and made with premium cotton fabric.


Whether your kiddo skates or not, the new Volcom Kids Saturate Boys Short Sleeve Shirt (Lime Tie Dye) is ideal for any casual and sporty look. This lime tie dye shirt will complement any of his favourite jeans, trousers or shorts.



The rad Volcom Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Pant (Mushroom) is perfect for any type of situation - may it be for skating, hanging out, or even for work! This versatile and sustainable pant is all you need for all sorts of style you're aiming for this spring.

Keeping it stylish and comfortable can be done with any of the rad pieces from the Volcom Clothing & Accessories Spring 2022 (Drop 3) collection. Get yours here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!