The Vissla Spring 2019 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

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The Vissla Spring 2019 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!


Surfing has attracted millions of individuals from various backgrounds and ages. There are those who aspire to be professionals, while others surf for recreation and fitness. Then there are those who also love the surf culture even if they do not ride the waves, but rather support their favourite teams or individual surfers.

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy surfing - there's the laid-back and youthful culture, and the amazing array of surf items that both riders and non-riders can enjoy. Apparel and fashion accessories are the common ground between riders and their fans, so brands from all over the world are designing and creating all sorts of cool and stylish surf clothing and soft goods ranging from riders' wetsuits to other surf/swim attire, to board shorts, tees, shirts, hats/caps and outerwear.

One of today's most sought-after surf brands is Vissla because they know very well the culture and what appeals to surfers and fans. This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Vissla Spring 2019 Collection at the Yakwax store! Everyone is covered, whether you're a surfer, fan or just a guy who happens to be searching for fresh new getup for spring-summer weather.

Browse below for our top five faves and to see a glimpse of this Vissla collection:

The stylish Vissla Ligularia S/S Shirt (Multi) is a botanical-based button-up shirt with springtime vibe. This shirt is perfect for any casual situation, as an informal top on a warm date night, or a cool shirt for work.

Surfing in spring should not be a reason to not wearing the right surf wear. The light and warm Vissla Seven Seas 3/2mm 50-50 Wetsuit (Black Heather) provides comfort, warmth and flexibility to riders.

If you need new bottoms for springtime surf and swim sessions, the Vissla Tiger Tracks 20 board shorts (Phantom) are ideal whether you're in or out of the water. Lightweight, comfortable and durable with the right amount of style.

The cool Vissla Surfer Elite Backpack (Black Heather) is designed for function. It has waterproof primary compartment which is ideal for wetsuits and other types of surf and swim wear.

The stylishly cool Vissla Turtles Pcket T-shirt (Bone) is ideal for the warm days you're out and about. This light and comfortable t-shirt is perfect for all-season wear with your favourite pants and shorts.

Vissla always puts out a cool and stylish batch of casual and sporty wear, so there's no surprise if there are non-surfers who also choose them. Order yours today from the Vissla Spring 2019 collection - available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!