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The warm waters call your name despite days of chilly morning drives to your favourite surfing spot. When it's too much to wear thick wetsuit to enjoy a morning shred, most riders opt for shorties and rashies to enjoy the most of the season.

When there's wet surfing apparel, there's also a warm and comfy option to regular beach towels. Change robes or poncho robes can either be a towel that also covers you up when you need to change into new clothes, or a robe to keep you warm after a surf. Don't be surprised if you see someone using this indoors as an over-sized robe to keep warm during the nippy mornings and nights.

Changing robe ponchos are quite popular among surfers, swimmers and other water sports practitioners simply because of their multiple purposes. If you have not discovered this useful accessory, now's the time to get one and try for yourself on your next surfing trip.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the TLS Change Robes for Spring 2020! With plenty of colours and designs to choose from, you will surely find the one that will match your style.

Some of top TLS robes are here for a sneak peak


For riders who stick with neutral colours especially on their surf accessories, the new TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Digi Camo, Adult) is a cool way to dry off at the seaside.


When you love a bit of colour, the new TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Ca Palm, Adult) is a great option. You will definitely feel the seaside and vacation vibe with this poncho beach robe.


Of course, there's always room for TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Black Tie Dye, Adult) to make sure you're dry, warm and cool-looking.


For riders who love colour, the TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Native, Adult) is a great addition to your surfing must-haves.


The vibrant TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Pink Palm, Adult) lets you quickly dry up after surfing. This comfy poncho robe will keep you warm while waiting for your turn to shred.

Complement your essentials with poncho beach robe on your next surfing getaway. Start with the stylishly colourful selection from the TLS Change Robes for Spring 2020. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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