The Thunder Skateboard Trucks Summer 2021 Drop Has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Thunder Skateboard Trucks Summer 2021 Drop Has Landed at Yakwax!


Among the most crucial skate components are the trucks. These parts are responsible for aiding movement such as turning your skateboard left or right, grinding on rails and ledges, as well as ramp coping. The type of skateboard trucks you use on your board should match your style of riding, and they can also affect the tricks you can/cannot do and your overall stability while riding your board.

While skate trucks are expected to last for some time, it's important to always check them especially when there are signs of wear and tear. Remember that the more often you skate, the higher the probability that your skateboard and all of its components are reaching their threshold.

However, there are trucks that are truly made to last longer than others especially those that come from notable brands. Among them are Thunder Trucks. The brand is known for producing the strongest and lightest trucks in the market. For over three decades, Thunder has provided numerous skate trucks that both professional skaters and amateurs have shredded with.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Thunder Skateboard Trucks Summer 2021 drop here at Yakwax! Choose the right truck for your type of skating, so you can enjoy longer hours of riding this season and onward.

Browse below for our top favourites from the Thunder Skateboard Trucks Summer 2021 delivery


For smoother and faster turns, the rad Thunder Team Skateboard Trucks 147mm (Pair, Polished) are the perfect trucks for your ride. These trucks are designed for durability and superb board feel.


If you want to achieve that all-around skateboarding experience, these rad Thunder Suciu Reserve Hollow Lights Skateboard Trucks 149mm (Pair, Polished) are the perfect trucks to do that! Quite durable with sleek polished finish, these trucks will keep you shredding.


If you ride a 8" to 8.5" board, the new Thunder Brevard Team Stamped Skateboard Trucks 147mm (Pair, Polished/Green) are the best options to keep you riding for longer. These trucks are great for all-around skating and they are made to withstand long hours of riding.

Keep riding during the remaining warm days and beyond with proper skate trucks installed on your board. The Thunder Skateboard Trucks Summer 2021 drop is a great collection to search for new trucks to update your ride. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!