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Skaters like you will always find a good reason to grab a cool piece of clothing for any season. Among the most commonly sought out clothes that work all year are tops like tees, hoodies and sweatshirts. Tees will always be a staple no matter the weather and the chilly months starting fall may require some light outerwear.

What makes the simple t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie more interesting and cool is their designs. Branded tops with bold lettering and logos are quite common, and skaters gravitate toward these items since they are easy to mix and match with other pieces of clothing and footwear.

Among the brands that truly resonate in terms of cool and edgy apparel is Thrasher. The magazine brand is known all over the skateboard industry as the 'skateboarding bible', but they have made a mark on the fashion side with their famous logo tops and caps.

This is the best time to stock up on Thrasher tops - from tees to hoodies, to sweatshirts - as the fall season becomes cooler and nearing winter months. You can get them today here at the Yakwax store from the latest Thrasher Fall 2019 drop!

Browse below for our top five picks from this Thrasher delivery

If you need a thicker, weighty hoodie for fall skating, the Thrasher Argentina Hoody (Black) is a great new addition to your getup. Wear it over your favourite t-shirt for comfort and warmth during the cold fall to winter months for a more enjoyable shredding session.

This design on the Thrasher Scorched Outline T-Shirt (Black) is the most popular and resonating among skaters, fashionistas and celebrities. If you love Thrasher tops, then, this tee an absolute must for your fall skating session.

The Thrasher Doubles T-Shirt (Black) bears the artwork by Joe Roberts on 100% cotton. For sure comfort and style, this t-shirt is a must-have as it works well with any of your favourite jeans/pants and skate shoes.

If you need a tee that's ideal for everyday wear - may it be for skating or just hanging out - the Thrasher Argentina T-Shirt (Navy Blue) is an ideal option. Wear it with your usual skating jeans/pants and footwear for effortless fall style.

The Thrasher Spectrum T-Shirt (Black) is definitely a great addition to your growing wardrobe. While the brand is typically known for producing black or dark-coloured tops, they are also keen on adding a bit of colour on their branding, which really works for skaters and non-skating fans.

The skateboarding industry won't be complete without Thrasher magazine and Thrasher clothing. They have given skaters more reasons to enjoy their favourite extreme sport with their highly sought-after tops that provide edgy appeal and style. So, grab yours here at the Yakwax store while stocks last. All with FREE UK delivery.

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