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The Rusty Fall 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!



The cold months are not necessarily deterrents for surfers, especially those who truly love the sport and wouldn’t stop at nothing to enjoy it. Same goes for the clothing they need, as there are brands that cater to what surfers require for after-surfing, travelling and seasonal apparel to keep them stylish.

Rustyis a legendary brand that resonates across the globe among all types of surfers and their fans. They are known for providing some of the most sought-after surfboards in the world, but have also ventured out in making stylish apparel for both surfers and non-surfers alike. From t-shirts to pants, outerwear, caps, beaniesand accessories, Rusty has got everyone covered, whatever the season.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Rusty Fall 2017 collection at Yakwax! Choose from the wide array of clothing and accessories they have in store for surfers, street style aficionados, and casual wear fans. Stay warm, comfy and fashionable this fall by browsing below for our top picks.

These are our top five favourites which we think you might like:



Time to throw away your old tattered wallet? The new Rusty Ground Leather Wallet in Camel is the ideal choice for it has plenty of slots for cash and cards.



When you need stylish head wear in the chilly fall season, the new Rusty Dropper Snapback Cap in Multi Camo is a great addition. Wear it anytime, anywhere and with any of your casual attire



Keep your head warm with the new Rusty Slashed Beanie in Black/Black Marle, as you head out to the beach for a quick surf or while just hanging out with your buddies. This reversible double-layer beanie is a must-have this season and a great addition to your growing wardrobe.



A comfortable fit is always essential if you skate and/or have lots of outdoor activity, that’s why the new Rusty Illusionist Pant in Portobello should be a part of your fall getup.



Stay dry, warm and stylish in the new Rusty Supremecy Hooded Jacket in Camel. This is the jacket of choice if you surf or skate regularly, no matter how rainy or drafty it is outside.


Don’t let the fall season pass by without you preparing for it, clothing-wide. Whether you skate, surf or simply love the outdoors, the RustyFall 2017 collection features apparel and accessories to keep you warm, comfortable and fashionable.

Shop for the latest Rusty apparel and accessories here at Yakwaxand enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery!


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