The Primitive Fall 2017 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

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The Primitive Fall 2017 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

As a renowned street and skate style brands today, Primitive stays true to its skateboarding roots and their artistic influences.

Wearing a piece of clothing or fashion accessory bearing the iconic ‘P’ logo or one of their parody designs is essential for many hardcore skaters and beginners alike. Both professional and non-professional skaters have high respect for Primitive as a skate apparel brand primarily because of its iconic founder, Paul Rodriguez. Another reason to love Primitive apparel is their cool and creative designs that appeal to all ages in a wide demographic.

We are stoked to announce that the Primitive Fall 2017 collection has arrived at Yakwax! Choose from a great selection of tops, caps and accessories to complete your wardrobe.

If this is your first time to choose a brand to match your favourite sport, this latest collection has a lot in store for you!

Listed below are our top five picks which you might also like:

This Primitive Dusty Crew Fleece Sweater in Black is the perfect lightweight outerwear for those chilly nighttime shredding. Quite simplistic in design, this black sweater is what you need if you want a classic top for the fall.

When you want a rather colourful headwear for the fall season, the new Primitive Casino Snapback Cap in Purple is a great option. Add a bit of whimsy and youthful appeal to your getup with this cool cap.

Plaid will always be trendy particularly in men’s shirts, which is why this new Primitive Herringbone Buffalo L/S Shirt in Orange is an absolute must-have for skaters and street fashion aficionados.

This Primitive Oopsie T-Shirt in White may be a bit naughty in terms of back design print. But the vibrant black and red colours surely bring this simple white tee into life.

When it’s a bit drafty and you don’t typically like heavy jackets and fleece outerwear, the new Primitive Creped Hooded Jacket in Olive Drab is an ideal choice. Take it anywhere with you especially on a chilly afternoon shred or hanging out with your mates.

The cool weather will always require you to wear outerwear or at least a thicker top and/or head wear for warmth and comfort. Let the Primitive Fall 2017 collection be a part of your selection this season! Get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK deliver service.