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The Primitive Apparel Spring 2017 Collection Now at Yakwax!

Primitive Apparel‘s passion for Skateboarding has been proven through the years with its quality and stylish skate wear.

This is why we are stoked to announce that the Primitive Apparel Spring ’17 Collection has finally arrived at Yakwax – from men’s tops , bottoms and up to the latest skate wear accessories!

Below are our top five picks from this collection:

Sometimes, all you need is a Primitive Apparel Primitive Buddy T-Shirt in White if you want a clean and fresh spring/summer outfit. The cute ‘little bird with a weed’ print adds a bit of whimsy and colour.

The new Primitive Apparel Primitive Sumo T-Shirt in White is a minimalist statement tee with a kick! At the back, that is.

If you’re not a fan of white t-shirts, this new Primitive Apparel Primitive Arch Soccer Jersey in Midnight is your next best option. Pair it with your favourite jeans/pants for an afternoon of shredding or just hanging out with your friends.

We love the style and colour combination of this new Primitive Apparel Primitive Classic P Snapback Cap in Royal. It is the perfect cap for all seasons, day or night, for shredding and any outdoor activity you may have.

Sometimes, you just need more comfortable pair of pants while skating or doing other strenuous activities. That’s why the Primitive Apparel Primitive Velour Tracksuit Pant in Midnight is an ideal alternative especially when you have a very busy day ahead.

Check the rest of our Primitive Apparel collection to see more items from the Spring ’17 drop. Order today at Yakwax and enjoy our wicked FREE UK Standard Delivery service!

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