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The Latest Girl, Independent and 14:01 Skate Apparel Now Available at Yakwax



When we think about skate apparel, we always go for comfort and function since the sport itself requires movement and, as much as possible, light and airy clothing to help cool down sweaty skaters. Among the brands that resonate proper skate apparel are Girl, Independentand 14:01.

This is why the Yakwaxstore crew are elated to receive the latest skate clothing from these brands. From t-shirts to hoodies, to youngsters’ tops, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you can add something new in your wardrobe this season.

Below are our top five favourites from this latest drop:



The new Girl Skateboards Micro OG Embroidery T-Shirt in Black is a minimalist favourite and also a versatile top that you can pair with any shorts or pants. Certainly made for comfort, style and all-day shredding.



Your groms will surely love this new Independent Youth Colours T-Shirt in White for its simple front design and bold back print. A must-have white tee for the growing and super active shredder.



You will love the classic style of the new 14:01 Cruise or Lose Hoodie in Heather Grey. Neutral in colour, minimal in front design with ‘Cruise of Lose’ print at the back, and a comfortable fit for cool weather shredding.



The new Girl Skateboards Tiki L/S T-Shirt in Celadon features a colour scheme that’s not typical of men’s tops. But this cool-looking long-sleeved t-shirt is surely a statement top that turns heads.



Groms will surely love the new Independent Youth Bar Cross T-Shirt in Navy for its bold and simple graphics at the front and back. Properly constructed with the young skater in mind, this simple but stylish tee is a must-have for warm weather shredding at the parks.


Take advantage of our newest skate clothing stock today for yourself or your kids! Get these cool tops from Girl, 14:01 and Independent right here at Yakwaxand enjoy our rad standard FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service.


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