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The Huf Fall 2017 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

Huf is known to push the envelope a little bit further than the norm – creating edgier appeal and stirring up interest among their avid fans and non-fans as well. As a skate and street fashion brand, Huf reaches a wide demographic and creates more possibilities for fashionable skaters and street style aficionados than any conventional skate brand.

Without further ado, we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the first drop of Huf Fall 2017 collection at the Yakwax store! We’ve got you covered from head to toe with the latest tops, socks, caps, beanies and outerwear from this latest drop.

Browse away and check our top five favourites below…

We think these products should top our shelves this fall. We hope you like them, too:

The new Huf Explorer 1 Anorak in Black is what you need this fall to keep you warm and comfy while shredding. Never leave home without this anorak and stay warm and cozy, and ready for those drafty locations this season.

The perfect headwear for this season is the new Huf Possible Pom Beanie in Grey Heather. Always keep this beanie on-hand, so you can pop it right on top of your head once the temperature falls several degrees.

A definite must-have is this new Huf Wash Canvas Box Logo Snapback in Nautical Red. Wear it day or night, while shredding or just hanging out. It’s the perfect all-around, all-season headwear!

Need some colour and cute in your skate wardrobe? The new Huf Mad Kat Crew Sock in Purple is a good addition for those days when you need to pop some vibrant hues in your shredding attire.

The new Huf Letras Polo Shirt in White tackles the classic, crisp and clean side of skaters who’d go from shredding to casual date night in a flash (and vice-versa)! This good-looking shirt is perfect for any pants and footwear in your collection.

We are delighted to see a great mix of apparel from the Huf Fall 2017 collection. There’s more to choose from here at Yakwax, so order today to enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery service!

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