The Grizzly Fall 2017 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Grizzly Fall 2017 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

Skateboarding is often said to be the sport of the young and the young at heart. It requires strength, agility, skill and expertise in order to stay in the sport. Similarly, skate brands that stay up to date and appealing to both young and old are crucial to their existence.

The same can be said about Grizzly, the renowned grip tape brand that started out as a young, crude business enterprise that grew into the iconic skate brand we all know and love.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Grizzly Fall 2017 collection at the Yakwax store! We didn’t just got lots of grip tape, but cool and fun skate apparel for everyone.

Take a peek at our top five favourites from this latest drop:

The new Grizzly Biggie OG Bear Socks in White are the perfect pair of socks for any of your footwear. Whether for skateboarding or for casual attire, these socks provide comfort while tapping your fun and youthful side.

The new Grizzly Laguna Cutout Kelly Hart Skateboard Griptape will make your fall skateboarding more fun and colourful. Its summery palm beach theme is the perfect contrast to the nippy fall weather.

This new Grizzly Cubs Roar At The Moon Boys T-Shirt in Black is definitely rad and brings out the edgy side of your grom. Whether for skating or as casual top for school or hanging out with his pals, this t-shirt is great for any situation and activity.

The new Grizzly OG Bear Embroidered Hoody in Pink can bring out the whimsical side of any youthful skater. Make sure you have it handy when going out for a cool afternoon shredding or for a night out with your skating buddies.

White tees will always have a welcoming space in your grom’s wardrobe, and the new Grizzly Cubs Mount Fuji Youths T-Shirt in White is definitely a must-have this fall and onward.

For the love of anything youthful and fun, there’s always Grizzly to the rescue. Their selection of grip tapes, tops, outerwear and other skate products are pleasing and made with quality materials to ensure comfort and durability.

Make sure to shop for Grizzly Fall 2017 skate products right here at the Yakwax store to enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service!