The FCS Fins Summer 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

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The FCS Fins Summer 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!


Taking advantage of the summer months means surfing as much as you can. The weather is warm and the waves await the skilful surfer in you, so it's typical to give in to the call of the ocean.

However, in order to fully enjoy ripping the waves, it is imperative to stock up and choose the proper surf accessories according to your needs. The most important one is the surfboard fin which helps stabilise your board on water and enables you to control it with foot-steering.

If you've been meaning to shop for fins, today is the best time to do so, because the FCS Fins summer 2018 collection has arrived at Yakwax!

FCS fins are the most extensively used around the world and they are known for having versatile fin system that provides huge opportunities to surfers in terms of changing and improving their performance. FCS fins system also makes it easier to travel, thanks to their removable fins and diverse templates.

Below are our top five picks from this FCS Drop and we hope you like them as much as we do:

If you're fond of explosive turns and overhead waves, the new FCS II KA Kolohe Andino PC Medium Tri Surfboard Fins - Grey Yellow can help you achieve such feats. These fins are designed for a wide range of wave conditions, so they're a great choice for progressive surfers.

A more versatile set of fins are the FCS II Power Twin + 1 PG Surfboard Fins designed to achieve smooth turns and manoeuvrability. These fins can be used on all board types including funboards, fish and twin fin boards.

The new FCS Connect Screw & Plate PG 10” Longboard Fin - Clear has a well-balanced template which is great for all conditions. If you love longboarding, this fin provides a mix of speed, drive and response.

Power surfers will surely enjoy the benefits of FCS II RP PC Medium Tri-Quad Surfboard Fins. These fins are basically designed for committed turns and to provide speed, flow and response.

The new FCS II Retro Keel PG Twin Surfboard Fins - Red are recommended for all types of boards including funboards, fish and twin fin boards.

If it's time to update your board with excellent set of fins, the FCS summer 2018 collection offers a great selection that matches a variety of surfing skill and board. Get them here at Yakwax with our rad FREE UK delivery!

While you're still here, watch this video below to see more of the FCS II fin system in action!