The FCS Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

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The FCS Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

Spring and summer surfing bring joy to avid surfers. These are the best seasons to go out and enjoy longer hours at your favourite surfing destinations.

Equipping yourself and vehicle with proper gear and accessories are essential to fully enjoy surfing. The warm seasons offer great opportunities to explore and shred the waters you’ve never tried before, but it is important to be prepared if road trips and hours of surfing are both involved.

We are absolutely stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS 2018 collection here at the Yakwax store, as most surfers are familiar with the quality and features of FCS products. So, before heading out on your next adventure, make sure to check this latest drop from FCS.

We hope you also like our five favourites from this FCS collection.

When it’s necessary to go on a road trip to enjoy your favourite surfing destination, the new FCS Premium Single SUP Soft Racks will come in handy. These racks can handle up to 3 boards, so you and your buddies can travel and surf

The new FCS Premium Bungy Lock Downs Straps will come in handy if you want to protect and keep your board/s safe while travelling and parking. These straps can securely hold up to 2 regular boards and 3 shorter boards.

If you love shredding two to eight feet waves, the 8ft Regular Essential Series Leash is ideal for you. Lightweight, comfortable and high-performing – these are the top qualities to expect from this amazing leash.

You will absolutely need this grippy FCS T-3 Cobolt Camo Surfboard Tail Pad if you are into high-performance surfing. Whether for a new board or an old reliable one, this tail pad is a great match for your next surfing adventure.

Get rid of dings with the new FCS All-Tech Putty Surfboard Repair. Ideal for travelling surfers and works well on both polyester and epoxy boards.

Go out and surf while it’s still warm. But never go without proper surfing gear, accessories and repair kits especially if you travel on the road.

Shop for leashes, ding repair, roof racks, straps, surfboard deck pads and other accessories from the FCS collection and you’ll be on your way to your next surfing destination in no time!

Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.

Planning to hit the road for a surfing adventure? Watch this short video from FCS before loading up your surfboards.