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The Diamond Supply Co. Spring 2017 Collection Now Available at Yakwax



Make your springtime shredding more stylishly cool with the new Diamond Supply Co. Spring ’17 collection!

Known for their strong skate and street wear aesthetics, Diamond Supply Co. never fails to impress the core market with their high-quality designs and materials. From their rad skate hard goods to the most comfortable apparel, we have them all here at Yakwax!

The following are our top picks from this latest drop:



If you love P-Rod and Diamond Supply Co. hard goods, you’ll surely love this new Diamond Supply Co. P-Rod Gold Pro Bolts. Shred and feel like your idol with these nuts-n-bolts on your deck!



A classic through and through, this Diamond Supply Co Superior Logo Griptape in Black Diamond Blue gets down to basics with its conic logo.



Just in time for spring, this Diamond Supply Co OG Script T-Shirt in Pink perfectly complements your need to shred during the warm daytime weather.



Shredding or hanging out in the cool spring evening calls for a simple, yet stylish outerwear like this Diamond Supply Co Home Team Hoodie in Gunmetal Heather. Stay warm while shredding up and down the parks without worries!



For the fun-loving stylish skater in you, this new Diamond Supply Co Slugfest T-Shirt in Heather Grey is the perfect addition to your collection. Oh, and a picture of a boxing kangaroo on a tee looks cool, too!


Make sure to check our entire collection of the coolest Diamond Supply Co. products to find what fits your current style needs. Order today at the Yakwax store and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

To see more from the Diamond Supply Co. Spring ’17 collection, here’s a video of the #HardwareHeavyweights during a ‘mellow session’ of the company’s catalog shoot. Enjoy!

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