Surf Essentials and Accessories Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax!

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Surf Essentials and Accessories Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax!


Fall surfing is often the most anticipated, since the swells are more consistent during this time compared to the summer months. The crowds are also fewer due to the cold waters; but if you don't mind all these, you will surely enjoy the waves from the fall months through May.

With longer hours of riding, you will definitely need a few surfing and travel essentials that your will benefit from in the long run. There are items you never thought you'd need especially for long trips and new destinations, so it's best to invest on these prior to your scheduled surfing adventure. As always, your usual surfing gear - board, leash, wetsuit and tail pad/grip - should be available whenever you ride.

These additional surf items should always be on-hand, in your travel bag and/or in your vehicle. First off, a surfboard ding repair is a definite must because you'll never know when a nick, scratch or ding will occur. One of the most popular repair kit brands in the market is Phix Doctor Surfboard Repair - a leading innovator of fast-acting surfboard repair solutions. They have a variety of products that are easy to apply and dry, so you can get back in the water in no time. Here's a demo of one of their fast-acting products.

For the travelling surfer, you should consider covering your car seats with waterproof covers to prevent mildew and stinky smell in your vehicle! You cannot avoid a damp car seat if you're often out there travelling and riding the waves for weeks. Check out the video below to get an idea of a good waterproof car seat cover.

Ideally, you should also have a proper waterproof travel backpack for all of your necessities such as extra leash, light surfing suit/rash vest, dry clothes and your other personal belongings. If you want to take all these sorts of items, Northcore has a superb selection of travel and outdoor adventure bags, accessories and technical gear that you don't want to miss out on.

Also, for those who love road trips, make sure you have proper safekeeping for your car keys and small personal items. Investing on an Alder car key safe will save you the unnecessary hassle of losing keys and small valuables while you're surfing. Alder Sportswear is one of the many long-time sportswear and accessories brands that offer innovative products that are crucial to surfers' needs.

Choosing the right surf products will let you enjoy more hours of riding no matter the season. The key is to invest on items that are practical and beneficial for your travel and overall surfing experience. You will find all sorts of products from these well-known brands included in the Surf Essentials and Accessories Fall 2022 drop! All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax for orders £50 and over.