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Surfing during the winter months and while transitioning into spring can be a bit of a challenge to many avid surfers. The need to stock up on proper gear is one thing; but having proper accessories to complement your surfing adventures is also a necessity.

The cold weather poses another set of challenges to surfers, swimmers and similar practitioners. You will need the ideal items to keep you dry and warm, as well as entertained during those idle times at the beach if the waves are too dangerous to ride on. You will find accessories and gifts for surfers quite handy during these times; though some may seem like novelty, but they will surely help in improving your overall experience during the cold months.

You will find numerous surf brands that offer plenty of options when it comes to accessories such as towel ponchos, wet/dry bags and change mats, and other handy items you never thought you'd need until now.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Surf Accessories for Winter 2020-2021 drop. So, if you haven't shopped for any accessory for your next surfing adventure, this is the best time to check these new products here at the Yakwax store.

Browse below for our top five from this surf accessories drop


Whether your kid is an avid surfer or not, the rad DryRobe Kids Advance Long Sleeve Drying & Changing Robe (Camouflage/Grey) provides that much-needed comfort and warmth while outdoors. Lightweight, soft and water-/wind-proof, this changing robe is surely a must for every sporty kid.


Whether you're needing new surfboard fin screws or not, the FCS Fin System Grub Screws (Sold individually) are essential items to always have on-hand. Keep a set at home and another in your surfboard bag for good measure.


The cool DryRobe Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Towel (Slate Grey) is perfect for any season. Quite lightweight, comfortable and warm when you just need coverage after surfing or swimming, and has ample room to dry and change into dry clothes.


For surfers who are always out looking for the best locations to shred, the DryRobe Advance Long Sleeve Drying & Changing Robe (Black/Red) is a definite must-have. This changing robe ideal for all sorts of outdoor adventures and any weather condition, so you can easily take off your wetsuit, dry off and wear dry clothing.


The rad Vissla 7 Seas Dry Pack 20L Bag (Royal blue) is perfect for any outdoor fun and adventure. This dry pack bag will keep your clothes and other necessities dry no matter the weather.

You can fully enjoy any surfing adventure during the cold months when you are properly equipped with the right gear and accessories. The Surf Accessories for Winter 2020-2021 drop offers an array of items you might be needing right now - all with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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