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Skaters fully understand the crucial role of proper skate shoes in their favourite board sport. Apparel comes in second and often organically considered when it's time for shredders to update their wardrobe.

Comfort will always be the top priority when choosing skate shoes and clothing. The airier and breathable the clothes, the better for skaters to enjoy shredding for hours. For skate shoes, it's always essential to select technically correct pairs that provide comfort and impact support.

Much of today's skate and street wear brands are focused on providing maximum benefits to the wearer. One such brand that resonates all across the globe is Supra. The brand's design aesthetic is a blend of skateboarding, music, art and fashion that appeals to all ages. Their footwear and apparel are designed and produced using innovative processes to ensure they are of high quality.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Supra Spring 2019 collection right here at the Yakwax store! You'll get to enjoy top-notch skate shoes for men and boys, tees, tank tops and more.

Check below for our top five picks to see a glimpse of this Supra Shoes drop:

When you need skate shoes with ample support, comfort and style, the Supra Factor Shoes (Evergreen White) have everything you need and more. Shred for hours on end without worrying about comfort with these super cool shoes.

The warm springtime may require you to wear something more comfortable and airier like the Supra Colour Block Tank II Vest (Bone Black Mauve). Forget about sweaty armpits and uncomfortable damp sleeves when you can rock this tank while shredding for hours.

Groms will love the Supra Kids Stacks Vulc II Skate Shoes (Black Neon Acid) for the stylish low top and contemporary design. Non-shredding kids will also appreciate these sneaker style shoes that go well with their sporty and casual wear.

If you love tees that are uniquely designed, this long-back Supra Colour Block S/S Crew T-Shirt (Black Electric Blush) is a great option. Wear it with your favourite jeans or shorts either for shredding or hanging out with your mates.

These cool Supra Vaider High Top Shoes (Black Chrome) exude classic skate shoes style. Designed and built for shredding, these shoes provide superb traction and board feel so you can enjoy long hours of skating.

If it's time to update your (or your young shredder's) skate wear and footwear, the Supra Spring 2019 collection has all you need for style, comfort and support. Order right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.

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