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The warm summer months require extra protection on the skin. Many products today offer high SPF to ensure the skin is protected from harsh UV rays of the sun. For anyone to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, having a stash of sun cream or spray in your travel bag is quite beneficial to your skin and overall enjoyment.

If you love the water, whether for sport, non-competitive activities or even just hanging out under the sun, it's ideal to keep your skin protected before actually going out. Don't let your skin suffer the consequences of of the hot and harsh UV rays because, more often than not, the results are irreversible and quite damaging.

When you're looking for sun protection, it's best to choose a brand that cares for your skin as well as the environment. These days, many products are created to protect the end-user and the environment and other living things, too. One such brand that sticks with this mantra is Sun Bum. An American brand since 2010, Sun Bum has carefully crafted their sun protection products to meet the demands of active and outdoor-loving individuals by using safe ingredients for the skin.

If you haven't heard of Sun Bum, now's the best time to get to know the brand and their superb line of skin protection. This is why we are happy to announce the arrival of the Sun Bum Summer 2020 drop here at the Yakwax store! There's plenty to choose from - from sunscreens to lip balms, to fun beach activity toys as well. 

Browse below for a sneak peak:


The new Sun Bum Day Tripper SPF30 Sun Care Essentials will keep your skin and lips protected when you go out for a beach trip this summer. If you're not sure what to stock up on for skin protection, this kit has all you need in one package!



Get the taste of summer with the protection you need with the fuitty Sun Bum Original SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm (Watermelon). Whether you need to protect your lips from the warmth of summer or the dry cold winter months, this balm provides the much-needed protection and moisture.



If you're not fond of sticky sun creams, the Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray (170g) is the best option for you. Don't ditch out sun protection entirely just because of the sticky sensation, when you have a Sun Bum sunscreen spray on-hand.



It's great to know that the Sun Bum SPF 15 Premium Browning Oil (250ml) is ideal for all skin types. It has a list of nourishing natural oils that will keep your skin supple and moisturised throughout the day. 


When you need to hydrate your skin after a day at the beach, the Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Lotion (237ml) helps replenish lost moisture and restores suppleness of your skin. Made with natural ingredients that are mild and gentle on the skin, so you enjoy the benefits even if you have damaged skin.


There's no reason not to enjoy the warm weather especially when you love to surf and swim. But always remember that your skin needs protection first and foremost before going outdoors. So, make sure to check the Sun Bum Summer 2020 drop here at Yakwax.  


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