The Stance Socks Fall 2022 Drop is Now Available at Yakwax!

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The Stance Socks Fall 2022 Drop is Now Available at Yakwax!


Of all the fashion accessories you need, socks will never be out of your list and out of style. The choices out there are plenty, but sticking with the brand you have grown to love will always be practical and safe for your feet.

If you're the avid skater, snowboarder or any other outdoorsy individual, you understand the utter need for proper pair of socks. Comfort is always the primary reason since your feet take the most beating when you're out and about. The strategically designed weave of socks for active lifestyle and sports are different and with purpose - making them the go-to for active individuals like yourself.

One brand that comes to mind when talking about socks for sports and active lifestyle is Stance. The brand is world-renowned for their super comfortable and stylish socks for all ages. You can choose the type of socks you need for all sorts of outdoor activities and casual situations.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Stance Socks Fall 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store. Choose from a great selection of colourful men's socks that can be paired with sneakers, trainers and casual footwear; as well as women's socks for casual situations and sports/outdoors.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Stance Socks Fall 2022 delivery


A comfy pair of socks don't need to be plain and boring especially when you have a pair of Stance Women's Ditz Invisible/No Show Socks (Off White). These socks are great for casual and formal shoes, as well as your favourite trainers when you're outside!


If you love the movie of the cute and sweet extra terrestrial, you definitely need the Stance X E.T. Phone Home Socks (Black). Bring out the kid in you and the nostalgia of this beloved 80's movie when you're wearing the pair of socks that celebrate them.


For the avid gardeners our there and anyone who loves colour and the beauty of nature, the Stance X Sabrina Bosco Women's The Garden of Growth Socks (White) are the perfect gift! Whether for yourself or for someone special, these lovely socks are surely for keeps.


If you need warmth and comfort indoors, the rad Stance Toasted Heavy Cushion Slipper Socks (Burgundy) are the best option. These slipper socks are heavily cushioned with anti-slip grip lining at the bottom to keep your feet on the floor.


These cool Stance X The Rolling Stones Ladies and Gentlemen Socks (Black) are a must-have for those who love the band and their music, and for anyone who loves rock n' roll. These socks will keep your feet comfortable and properly cushioned as you enjoy shredding and other outdoor activities.

Never skimp on feet protection especially during the warm months of the year when you're super active and out there. The Stance Socks Fall 2022 Drop offers a wide array of socks for all sorts of situations, so make sure to check them out! All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.