Stance Men's Underwear and Socks Fall 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!

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The Stance Men's Underwear and Socks Fall 2022 Drop has Landed at Yakwax!


Probably the most underrated items in a guy's possession are underwear and socks. This is quite true for those who don't mind wearing worn-out, super loose, years-old socks and boxers. Yes, they may be comfortable to wear at home, but when you have an active lifestyle this approach is a huge mistake.

Comfort should never mean wearing old stuff just because they are hidden from the outside world to see. Over time, thes super worn-out and thinning materials of men's socks and underwear will cause discomfort like skin irritation, chaffing and other forms of skin damage. The best approach is to buy durable, high-quality boxer briefs and socks that can withstand your active lifestyle. And when they're all worn out and over-used, make sure to replace them with the same quality items as you did prior. You will definitely get more months of usage without sacrificing comfort.

Only one brand comes to mind when it comes to men's underwear and socks, and that is Stance. The company is known for their innovative process and patent materials to ensure quality and comfort to the wearer. The designs, patterns and colour schemes are truly interesting, fun and unique to the brand.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the latest Stance Men's Underwear and Socks Fall 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! Choose from a cool and colourful selection that you can wear anytime, anywhere with guaranteed comfort.

Browse below for our top five favourites from the Stance Men's Underwear and Socks Fall 2022 delivery 


The Stance Habitat Slipper Socks (Burgundy) will keep your feet toasty indoors. These slipper socks are ideal for those chilly days and nights whilst you're staying inside.


It may be too early for Christmas, but the Stance Santa Rips Butter Blend Boxer Brief (Black) will make you feel like it is! This comfortable boxer brief is designed to reduce skin irritation especially during those busy shredding days.


If you need new boxers for those busy days outdoors, the Stance Resistor Boxer Brief (Teal) ensures comfort and flexibility. Whether you're outdoors or not, this boxer brief will keep you comfortable no matter your chosen activity.


The Stance Shark Week Socks (Blue) are ideal for anyone who needs comfortable socks - whether for sports and outdoors, for office or school. These socks keep your feet cushioned at the right areas, and they're quite durable for longer wear.


If you need more comfortable underwear that will match your active lifestyle, the colourful Stance Tracks Boxer Brief (Magenta) is the best option. Designed for durability and comfort, this boxer brief is made with Stance's signature Butter Blend material for long-lasting wear and reduced skin irritation.

It's time to finally wear better underwear and socks for more fun time outdoors and comfort while you're at it! The Stance Men's Underwear and Socks Fall 2022 Drop has a great selection for you to choose from. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.