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Comfort will always be one of the top priorities when it comes to warm weather activities and outdoor fun. For skaters and sporty individuals, there should be enough pieces of clothing and accessories in their closets to allow them to enjoy their favourite sports. 

Cool, airy and lightweight tops are always ideal to wear especially if you are an avid skater. This is to prevent moisture from building up too quickly when you're out there under the sun. T-shirts for spring to summer months should be comfortable and airy to minimise sweating and to allow air flow. Pair your favourite light t-shirt with a pair of lightweight trousers or shorts to keep the light and airy theme consistent.

When it comes to your feet, they should be protected and supported in all the essential areas to keep you shredding without worries. Innovative socks will make a difference in comfort and support, so choosing the right brand is key to meeting your needs.

One of today's top brands that provide basic tees and socks with all the ideal features is Stance. The brand is renowned for their innovation in the choice of materials and process they use to produce the most comfortable socks and underwear. Their expansion to designing and creating comfortable tops follow the same principles in order to provide only the best to their loyal fans.

We are super stoked to announce the Stance men's socks and t-shirts spring 2020 collection that arrived here at Yakwax! So, if you need a new pair of socks and/or simple t-shirt for springtime shredding, this collection has a lot to offer.

Browse below for our top faves:



When you need socks for comfort, good fit and support, the colourful Stance Curren ST Low Socks (Blue) are the ideal choice. Wear them with your fave skate shoes or sneakers while shredding, hanging out and any other outdoor activity.



If you love black tees for shredding and other outdoor activity, the Stance Oversized Solid T-Shirt (Black) is an excellent option for the warm spring-summer months. This t-shirt is light and airy, so you can enjoy hours of fun under the sun!



The new Stance Shatter Tab Socks (Blue) are comfortable socks made for high-performance activities. With ample feet cushion and support, these socks are designed for super active and sporty individuals.



If you need super soft and comfy socks, the cool Stance Start Finish Tab Socks (Blue) are ideal for any sort of activity. These innovative socks are designed to wick away moisture, provide ample cushion and support, and lets you shred and enjoy your favourite activities for hours on end.


You can't miss out on shredding and any other spring outdoor activity if you are wearing the right getup. It all starts with the basics including a light and airy top, down to your choice of socks. When you need to update on these two items, the Stance men's socks and t-shirts spring 2020 collection offers the best selection. Shop yours now at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!


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