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Stance Mens Socks Spring 2018 Drop 2- Now Available at Yakwax!

These days, a man’s getup won’t be complete without his favourite pair of socks. In the past few decades, socks were just a mere necessity for feet protection and comfort, and often made with standard soft, stretchy material.

Thanks to modern innovations, these footwear items were able to take centre stage, and Stance paved the way and took socks to the next level. They are known for innovative design and materials, as well as colour schemes, patterns and artwork that deserve honourable mentions in the skate and street style scenes.

Every time we receive the latest drop from Stance, we know we are in for a treat. So, without further ado, we are stoked to announce that the second batch of Stance men’s spring 2018 collection has landed at the Yakwax store!

You’ll find more interesting designs and colours in this latest drop that will definitely fit any of your favourite getup.

We hope you like our top five picks as much as we do:

For the fan in you, this new Stance x Street Fighter Ryu VS Ken Socks in Navy is a fun addition to your casual getup or for your collection of cool and artsy socks.

If you want super soft and comfy pair of socks, the new Stance Keating Butter Blend Crew Socks in Black are a must-have this season. Whether for work or play, these socks are sure to protect and keep your feet comfy.

A bit of whimsy and youthful appeal best describe the new Stance Airbrush Money Crew Socks in Multi. If you feel like wearing these with your favourite work or sports shoes, go for it! Either way, you’ll enjoy the comfort of wearing them wherever you go, whatever you do.

If you love old-school socks, the new Stance Downhill M Pipe Bomb Socks in White are the ideal pair to grab this time. Quite simple and minimalist in terms of design and colour scheme, these socks will always go well with your work and play shoes.

For the punk rock fans, the new Stance Descendants Legends of Punk Crew Socks in Black are the perfect socks to rock your favourite footwear! Quite stylish as statement socks, they are also a great fit and comfortable to wear.

If you’ve been meaning to update your socks collection, this is the time to do it!

Stance men’s shoes are known the world over for their awesome quality, features and designs. So, don’t miss this second drop from the Stance men’s spring 2018 collection by ordering yours here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!

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