Spitfire Skate Wheels and Thunder Trucks Fall 2022 Drop Now at Yakwax

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The Spitfire Skate Wheels and Thunder Trucks Fall 2022 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


Fall skating sessions can either be longer because of the milder weather, or cut short because your board is currently needing an upgrade. There's always time to check and replace old, worn out skate trucks and wheels before heading out for a ride to ensure safety and more enjoyable shredding days ahead.

When you are planning for a ride soon, make sure your skateboard is well-equipped with the right set of wheels and trucks. Wheels are often the most beaten component since they are in contact with all sorts of surfaces and terrain. Your skate trucks may outlast your wheels depending on the type of skating you do, your choice of surfaces to skate on, and the tricks you perform on a regular basis. Having said that, both these items are vulnerable to wear and tear, and it's ideal to check on them each and every time you skate (before and after each session).

The choice of skate wheels based on size, type and other factors will depend on your style of riding. Same goes with skate trucks. But, in general, you will find these skate components suitable for all sorts of riding style and skill. For many riders, their choice of brands become the deciding factor. Among the most renowned names are Spitfire skate wheels and Thunder skate trucks, which are both in existence for so many years. Both brands offer standard and pro model trucks and wheels that many riders rave about.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Spitfire Skate Wheels and Thunder Trucks Fall 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! Find the wheels and/or trucks you need to upgrade your board, and to take your performance to the next level.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Spitfire Skate Wheels and Thunder Trucks Fall 2022 delivery 


The Spitfire Formula Four Lil Smokies 50mm Classics 99duro Skateboard Wheels (White) are resistant to abrasion which are ideal for control and sustained speed, and fewer flat spots no matter the terrain. 


If you need lightweight trucks for your board, the rad Thunder Donovon Piscopo 148 Screaming Skull Skateboard Trucks (Polished/Pink, Pair) is one of the brand's long-lasting trucks made for high-performance riding. These trucks offer premium-grade standard kingpin and axle, and certified super quick response and control.


The Spitfire Formula Four 53mm Camo Classics 99duro Skateboard Wheels (White) are ideal option if you require lightweight and responsive wheels. They are designed to withstand abrasion that allows more slide and grip while you ride.


If you want to upgrade to pro model trucks, the Thunder Tyshawn So Good 149 Hollow Lights Skateboard Trucks (Polished, Pair) are the perfect choice. These lightweight trucks are designed with reinforced hollow wheels and premium hollow kingpins.


If you need new wheels for speed, control, increased slide and grip, the Spitfire Formula Four 54mm Tablet Shape 99duro Skateboard Wheels (White) are the perfect option. These wheels are lightweight, quick and responsive, with straight-cut profile for maximum speed. 

Being able to skate with proper board upgrade is a great way to enjoy every fall shredding session. So make sure to check the Spitfire Skate Wheels and Thunder Trucks Fall 2022 Drop here at Yakwax - all with FREE UK delivery when you purchase today!