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Springtime shredding is more fun when you are prepared from head to toe. It's easier to ride your board when you are dressed to move for long hours, so comfortable clothing is an essential requirement that you can match with a durable gear to maximise the fun.

When you need both gear and apparel, there are plenty of brands to choose from these days. One of the brands known for clean, crisp and interesting designs on skate clothing and decks is Sour. If you're the type of skater who's leaning towards clean, effortless skate style, this brand will certainly appeal to you.

So, if this is the time to shop for something new to wear and ride on, the Sour Skate Decks & Clothing Spring 2021 drop has something for you. From cool tees, to hoodies and decks, you can achieve more enjoyable shredding sessions easily with an item or two from this latest drop.

Browse below for our top favourites from the Sour Skate Decks & Clothing Spring 2021 delivery 


If you need a new deck that's truly unique in design, but definitely durable for both skate parks and streets, the rad Sour Albert Nyberg Ventura Skateboard Deck (Blue) is the right one for you. 


This cute, odd and absolutely comfortable Sour Centihund T-Shirt (Black) is what you need to fully enjoy the warm days of skating. This tee is made with 100% mid-weight cotton that provides comfy and lightweight feel while shredding.


The rad Sour Josef Piss Skateboard Deck (Multi) will surely turn heads when you shred! This deck is made for riding at the streets and parks, and ideal for both newbies and experienced riders.


Any skater will need the new Sour Doodle Pullover Hood (Black) for those chilly morning and evening rides. Quite comfortable and light to wear, this hoodie will keep you warm while shredding for longer.

It's easy to shop for skate wear and decks when you know the brand that carries a great selection that will match a much-needed effortless style. The Sour Skate Decks & Clothing Spring 2021 drop makes it easier for you to choose what you need to wear and ride this season. Order yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

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