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Any time is ideal for stocking up on skateboard gear, including hardware and accessories. There's no wrong time or season to do, since there's the normal wear and tear of skate parts that could happen any time while you're out there shredding.

Summertime, in our observation, is one of the best times to stock up especially for the in-coming months. Maybe you already have a brand-new set of skate hardware and accessories safely secured in a designated box, but there's the high probability that they will soon run out after the spring-summer shredding months are over.

So, if this is your busiest time shredding, better grab hold of the much-needed skate items especially wheels and trucks, since they are the most battered parts of your skateboard. This is why we are stoked to announce our latest drop of Skateboard Hardware for Summer 2020! Make sure to check them out here at Yakwax before you head out for a long week of shredding sessions.

Below are our top five picks from this drop of skateboard hardware

When you need a new pair of skate trucks with height, the Venture Sky High Team Edition Skate Trucks (Pair, Blue/White, 5.0") are ideal for your shredding style. Stock them up or use as replacement trucks for your old, battered pair before  

For street skaters, the new Bones Hart Gator Bait STF Skateboard Wheels (White, 53mm) are the ideal wheels to shred with. Made with STF wheel formulation, these treaded wheels have the much-needed grip for long hours of street skating!



Whether for your own board or as a gift for a fellow skater, the Birdhouse ABEC 7 Premium Skate Bearings (Black) are ideal for packing, gift-giving and storing for next season's shredding. This ABEC 7 set of premium bearings also include spacers in case you need them.

The Bones Hoffart Addicted STF Skateboard Wheels (White, 51mm) are ideal for street skaters who are in search for a set of pro model wheels. These wheels are made for long hours of street shredding, thanks to the treaded surface for that needed grip.



If you want stability while shredding the streets, the new Thunder Hollow Lights II Skateboard Trucks (Pair, Polished, 149mm) will let you shred and move about without hassles. These trucks are made with high-quality aluminium with hollow axle and kingpin for much stabler ride.

Shred for long hours without worrying about spare skate parts when you need them. Make sure to get enough for this season's shredding before heading outdoors with your board. Shop from our Skateboard Hardware for Summer 2020 today at Yakwax while supplies last and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!

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