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Latest Drop of Skateboard Decks and Gear for Summer 2019 - Available at Yakwax!


Enjoying the warm summer whilst skating is always a fun and exciting activity that lasts a few months. Making the most out of the warm days is an absolute must for skateboarders and other outdoorsy and sporty individuals. As the last few weeks of summer are nearing, it's ideal to go out and skate your heart out before the chilly months arrive.

By the end of summer and early fall, many skaters will be checking their boards, gear and accessories to assess any issues. Summer skating can induce a few damages as shredding on different terrain and doing various tricks can hasten the wear and tear of skateboards.

If you find yourself thinking of getting a new skate deck, a set of trucks and/or wheels, as well as protective gear for the next season, it's best to do it now as we have received a new batch for our summer 2019 skate collection. With a variety of items on-hand from various brands we carry, you have plenty of options to choose from and consider for your next shredding session.

Take a peak below for our top five favourites from this drop:

Take your street and park skating to a whole new level with the artsy Isle Sylvain Alpha Process Skate Deck (8.0in, Multi). This deck is perfect for all skill levels and of premium quality.

These Krux Kroe Kittys Trucks (8.0in, Krome Blue, Pair) are some of the cutest we've seen so far! They are ideal for 8-inch boards and shredders who rip and grind the streets.

If you are a fan of pro skaters, the Bones Lizzie Armanto Honey & Vinegar SP Skateboard Wheels (56mm, White) are among the pro model wheels you should try. Ideal for high-performance shredding on the streets and parks.

This cool 5 Boro VHS Series Neil Herrick Skateboard Deck (8.25in, Black) has a blast from the past design on 7-ply maple wood. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, this deck is ideal for your summer shredding sessions.

The Thunder Black Widow Full Dip Scripts Trucks (147mm, Black, Pair) are ideal for high-performance skaters who appreciate lightweight and durable hardware. The best part of having these trucks is they are equipped with the Thunder Quick Turn Response feature that ensures superb shredding!

Nothing beats a great time skating during the warm season. The only way to ensure long-lasting enjoyment is to make sure you have the proper skateboarding gear equipped with all the much-needed hardware and accessories. Get some today from our latest skateboard summer 2019 drop! All with FREE UK delivery when you order here at the Yakwax store.